Greatest ever smoking sesh

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Beyond the pale, May 15, 2006.

  1. So.... a few days ago i get a call from my best mate wondering if i'm up for a good smoke with him, i obviously oblige (first bit of weed that's been around for a while, we always smoke each other out when one of us is dry.) so i go up to meet him from work. Now it's a beautiful day with the sun out and and no signs of rain. We go and pick up a huge 1/8th of seriously dank stuff. and head over to the park. It was pretty busy there so i wasn't exactly happy rolling a few J's in the park, but it was a free smoke so i wasn't gonna complain. We started with just one joint, and this shit was strong, so we were fairly caffled and just sat on a bench for about an hour haha. We then got up intending to head to my house, but my friend couldn't feel his legs and just fell flat on his face in the middle of the park :rolleyes:. I got him up and we started walking towards my house, but because it was such a lovely day, we decided to do a 4 mile trek up through the woods onto the top of the moor. Just after an hour we get pretty high up onto the moor and decided to stop there. it was about 8:30 pm at this time so the sun was just starting to go down. We could see miles after miles in any direction, it was absolutely amazing and blissful. We rolled 2 big blunts, one each, and sat there watching the sun go down looking into the mountains and hills, it was awe-inspiring. It was also incredibly moving, being up at the top of a peak with my best mate smoking some good old herb. Reminding me of all the good old times we had and just bringing back the memories. We stayed up there for another hour or two whilst the sun finally set, then we headed back down and finished up at our own homes. Sorry about the long post, just really wanted to share this, it was by far the greatest smoking experience i've ever had, just wish i had a digi cam so i could've captured the great scenery.:)
  2. Wow...excuse me if im a little rude but that sounds a lil gay
  3. yup - rep cuz that was rude.

    that was a cool experience, sometimes weed just gets me high, and sometimes weed makes life absolutely beautiful. sunsets own too.
  4. Toke Artist...maybe you need to come back later when you have matured...-rep

    Oh and nice story, you gotta love those moments, chillin with your homie, smokin bud...
  5. lol this reminds me of brokeback mountain
  6. you in england or somethin?
  7. man aint shit wrong with a beautiful experience. i mean i can see where queenztokeartist comes from, where if he would tell his friends a story like that, theyd call him a fag. but when youre around a different group of people instead of your everyday close-minded friends, you have to act a little different and not call people gay or whatever because they open up more than you do.
  8. well dude u sound like a total hippi dude and man that is cool cuz many have u ever hung out w/ a stoned hippi at sunset or anytime where it looks really cool or like in spring where there are a bunch of really cool flowers and stuff cuz they just go crazy w/ deep deep insites

    and i mean tree hugging drives a VW bus with trippy colors on it and were tie-died shirts w/ acid washed jeans and hemp jewlery
  9. Nah i understand where beyond the pale is coming from. Toking up with your bros and just chillin out with nature can be pretty righteous.
  10. Sounds like a good session. It made me think of my favorites...

    Id say my two favorite sessions were this one time I was alone smoking with this girl I had a huge crush on, at like midnight on halloween( we saw people get busted for smoking too) . Some kids went down the same path into the woods we did, but stopped like 15 feet in. The next thing we see is a bunch of flash lights and cops yelling for them to come out and drop all there stuff. Were just like oh shit and walked out the other side of the woods and to a diff spot. If we were like 30 seconds later it probally would have been us getting busted cause its fairly obvious why people walk down 'the hippie trail' lol. We basically walked around and smoked for like an hour or two, it was a great time.

    The other favorite session was at my friends during winter break, everyone was stopping by to see his new place since everyone was back from college and I musta smoked 5 blunts of headies per hour that night. This is off 375 an ounce stuff none the less. Probally 20 in all. When I hadda drive home I had one of the worst headaches ever I was just like cracked out lol.

    And at my last college it was basically a daily thing to smoke a few ' party bowls ' which was a bowl that held an 8th broken by hand or a quater from a grinder, between normally 4 people. We'd smoke one of two of those, and then like 4-5 more bowls it was like a daily thing it was crazy. This was always off BC beasters so pretty dank bud. Basically we'd pack nonstop until it got late, because of that though I lacked in school work.
  11. that sounds like a great day! i wish things were chill enough around here to really be able to go out and do whatever while being high. maybe they are and im just not smooth enough yet:smoking: good story!
  12. Sounds like a good day dude. Nature can be amazin' at times.
  13. yes it does make life beautiful every little aspect of life is when ur high

  14. that sounds so amazing. thats the kind of stuff i love to do when im stoned. i love being in nature in general and then when you add in your good friend mary jane, it makes it even better.

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