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Discussion in 'General' started by smokingjoe68, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Had an awesome weekend. I do a little volunteer work with an organization working to end prohibition. I worked the weekend at a festival gathering signatures. So many people come around to smoke some dank with us in appreciation for our work, it was really cool. I got to try a strain called sour berry, I think it may have been a cross between sour diesel and hashberry, that was really good. I tried some NY city sour diesel from a volcano vap., that was awesome. Each hit was like a bong hit only no choking, I couldn't believe how blasted I was getting without choking, lol. My favorite try this weekend was from a friend of mine that brought some cinderella99. It's from an underground breeder in Maine and it was very powerful. Average 20+percent THC. A very energetic high with 70% Sativa dom., yet powerful enough to make this indica man smile:D

  2. Hi Joe! Sounds like a great time, wish I'd been there. That's real sweet you volunteered for such a great cause. :hello:
  3. Sounds awesome. Glad you had a good time and others were there with you. Down here in jersey we call that kind of sour diesel east coast sour diesel, it's the best sour diesel on the east coast.

    But should this thread go here?
    EDIT: Ph shit i thought i was in S&P man, my bad. I'm too baked ahghhhh

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