great weed fu*** up my friend

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  1. Well it started of me and my friend "m" had some dank and our friends "r" and "l" were in the neighbor hood and r just got a new car and he was plannin to smoke it out so i hit him up and it was a go. So i went out my house and walked to my friends car and we were driving around so my friends r and l pack a fat bowl and were smokin and we notice outside was random people outside doing work on a house and my friend m was like omfg a family of mexicans! haha we were laughin and smokin and then i packed another bowl and by the time we were done we were so fuckin blazed and we were listing to some pink floyd [ a good song is money btw] and me and m get out the car and notice my neighbor was out smokin a joint in his car but when we got out the car m just started swaying and just fell and blacked out for about 5 seconds and our neighbor lets call him q he starts laughin sayin man wtf were u smokin on! Then m gets up and he is sweatin like he took x so im worried and i take him on q's front porch and were sitting there and hes still sweatin and he keeps comin in and out of conciousnes and me and q are just kinda laughin though but hes freakin out every time hes up so m says he needs 2 chill for a minute so me and q r talkin about wat was up so when he stays in conciusnes we walk back 2 my house and eat some food including watching a movie but has this ever happened 2 any1 cause i smoked as much as him i was just really high:D so if any1 knows if it was laced or anything ? sry bout the long post and bad spellin i high but i wanna know should we keep smokin the shit or sell it? thx for reading later gc:hello:
  2. i think ur friend got dehydrated
  3. He probably just got really really stoned . . .
  4. Maybe its cause he hangs out with idiots like you (no offense)
  5. yea btw my friend m has only smoked like 10 times
  6. maybe he wass just really high
    thats awesome man
    and have you heard the raggae version or money
    i forgot who it was by though
    mad chill song to listen to when high
  7. ha ha i we were listin 2 money
  8. What were yall smokin'-sounds like the bomb...pass it on baby!!:smoking: :D
  9. if he only smoked like 10 times,his body must not be used to the strong stuff lol but yea that almost happened to me the first sime i started the strond stuff
  10. I dont see how people dont know if there stuff is lace. I been around alot of hard drugs *NEVER EVER DID THEM, STRICTLY WEED*, but i seen laced shit, and cocaince n the smoke taste alot diffrent from weed. Not to mention you'll get numb, but if you ever have doubts put a lil peice of the weed in your mouth..if your mouth goes numb it's lace.

  11. How is that not offensive?

  12. doubt someone would lace weed. if they did theyd most likely tell you because it'd cost more.. BUT he probably got way to blazed i did 4 g bong hits and 2 sobe waterfalls and i didnt black out but i started sweating bad like you described with your friend.
  13. ya, this has happen to me before...
    its called first time smoking resin...
    holy shit,
    i black out like every 5 sec and i would stop breathing.
    it like i wouldn't breath automatically like usual i had to force my self to breath
    i basically couldn't move on a couch in the feedle position for like 2 hours.
    plus the fact i was sweating balls.. but yet i was freezing
    i actually quit smoking for like 4 months just because i was scared that would happen again.
  14. Well heres the scoop man, our man let us house his bongs because his dad found them and he wasn't allowed to have them at his house anymore. Our friend had this one blue bong and he always said how it was his favorite bong and it was his baby and all this. So earlier today me and my other buddy we're smoking and chilling in the circle and i turned too quickly and all i hear is a smash, I look over, our friends favorite bong is busted on the floor flipped over backwards. I stared at it blazed for about a minute in awe thinking of all the possibilities of what just happened. I was scared because this dude is wayyy bigger than me and he's my main hookup. But i came clean and called him and luckily since i was straight up he didn't beat me down. scary stuff and death to a nice ass bong. Moral of the story be up front with people and luckily you won't get the shit kicked out of you.
  15. Hope he made it out okay. Dark Side Of The Moon was a great album, ever hear The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn album?
  16. Some people can't handle great weed.
  17. Actually this happened to me once. It was bizzare. I had just walked from my friends house where a bunch of people were smoking, with another friend to get ice cream. When I was in line I began to sweat and get really claustrophobic and eventually started slurring my speech really bad and almost fell over. It only lasted about a minute (the slurred speech, loss of motor control only lasted about 10-15 seconds). It was so weird. Everyone else who smoked was fine. Never happened to me again.

    It wasn't even good weed too.
  18. sounds like he just greened out. Don't worry about it.
  19. The guy or your writing compatiablitys, usually most use periods and comma's lol.:p
  20. easy star all stars, dub side of the moon! also try their album radiodread which is that radio head album done raggae.

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