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    I'm sure alot of you use Google Maps to find new spots to grow, as I have been, but Microsoft has an even better mapping site:

    Type in an address or zipcode near where your looking, and use the "BirdsEye" view. Much better detailed images of the landscape then Google maps. You can see openings for light and much better detail of the land. I have loved Google maps since it came out, but this is so much better. Enjoy and Happy growing this year! I'm going for my first outdoor run this year also.
  2. I agree, google maps sucks! I use live, I can see my old truck in my garage at my mom's...So that's really good.

    you can put pushpins and trails, so you know distance as well.
  3. Sweet, thanks bro. I always hated how google maps wasnt precise enough and google earth wont work right :p.
  4. Meh, Birdseye doesn't work for me and I get the same or maybe better resolution with google earth.
  5. Birds eye wont work untill you type in a location, then you can select birdseye and look around. Cant just do birdseye of say all of america.

    There are spots though where it wont work if thats what you mean. I was using it and all the sudden it couldnt go further cause it wasnt available for that region.
  6. Google Earth is what I use....... Great for exploring terrains and you can view the basic terrain in 3Dish.
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    This is the same thing, but has much better quality imaging. The image quality is night and day between Google Earth and Live Searches birdseye viewer. Check out these comparisons:

    Example 1 (Google),-114.024053&spn=0.003108,0.004828&t=h&z=18

    Example 2 (Live Search)

    Example 1 (Google),0.002414&t=h&z=19&iwloc=addr

    Example 2 (Live Search)

    If that's not convincing, I dont know what would be.

    I hate to admit that anything by MSN is good, nevermind better then Google. And Live Search Birdseye view doesnt work in ALL areas, but in the ones it does work its very valuable and MUCH better than Google Maps.
  8. Wow, thank youuu. :hello:

    Much better than google, I found some crazy areas in the woods behind me ;)
  9. its better when i zoom in all the way on birds eye but the large area pictures arnt quite as good

    but a new way to find a growspot is always apriciated

  10. Bump.

    Here's a zoomed out view of my backyard, I recently moved here. :)

    I think this is badass, I have like areas where there's nothing in the middle surrounded by trees. I can't wait to check this out in a few months for my outdoor grow ;)

    The arrow is my house.


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