Great Story on how stupid parents are

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  1. I had one of those stinkbombs that come in a little glass vile, and my parents found it in the car. So they started talking to me and brought up how they found it. They thought I was huffing it. They are retards.
  2. My mom once thought i was on pills because she found a candy in my pocket
  3. wheni was 10 me and a friend were sucking down some whip cream and my dad acused of whippets. we looked at each other like wtf are whippets?
  4. thats pretty funny, my mom thought the bobo light bulb vaporizer was a crack pipe and she could swore that there was crack residue in it, hahaha :p
  5. my mom accused me off huffing super glue when i was makin bongs with it
  6. My dad accused me of smoking meth after he found the knives I used for knife hits of hash :)
  7. My parents don't accuse me but they're really ignorant about weed and thats stupidity within itself. They think you shouldnt do it. Period. They just think its stupid. But most parents are like that.
  8. my mom thinks I'm on I-don't-know-what... She is always acting like I have some kind of drug problem (how ironic, she probably smokes more pot than me, and I don't smoke very often). My mom probably thinks something is wrong with me because I sleep less than I used to ( I have developed a bad habit of going to bed very late, that's all) and because I act kind of weird (haha I always have) an probably other things that she thinks are signs of something... maybe she should stop stealing my ativan pills (they are prescribed to me and I only use them the way the doctor tells me to)
  9. My mom thought I was doing coke, 'cause she smelt one of my $10 bills and it had coke residue on it....
  10. my rents never suspected that I did anything besides alotta weed and an occasional night of drinking.

    i also did shrooms and salvia... but never within their household because if a trip on either of those was interrupted by your parents... holy shit. I don't even want to think about that kind of situation :eek:

    the first time that my mom confronted me about any suspicions she had was when i was 16.

    never in my life have i been interested in cigarettes, although i'll have one or two from time to time when i'm drinking or toking.

    anyway, she came up to me and was like "have you been smoking cigarettes?"

    and my response was "tried them once, i hate them. i was smoking pot."

    my mom was just like "..."

    and then my dad came in and said "THAT"S MY BOY!"

    haha nah, not really. but we sat down and talked about it and agreed that as long as i continued to show the same responsibility/maturity/personality as i always had, they wouldn't bug me about what i did.

    although... i'm pretty sure without drugs, my personality would be nothing like it is today.

    and let me tell you, i'm very proud of the way that i've turned out thus far. i enjoy being myself lol
  11. ^ LOL sounds like my dad
  12. Last christmas, my younger brother got a model car set, it came with some glue. He went upstairs and dissapeared for liek 2 hours, finally my mother goes "where is your brother?" i responded to her that he was upstairs huffing his model glue, she went nuts. the whole family was there and where cracking up, I guess it was blatantly obvious to everyone but my mother that i was joking.

    my mother also knows i smoke weed and sometimes shell come into my room and be like why are you smoking cigs in here that is gross. I dont smoke cigs in the house, i have told her countless times. i guess she cant distinguish the difference between chronic smoke and cig smoke, she must have grown up under a rock or is just that retarted.
  13. my rents accused me of doing e with CHRONIK-JUDGE after we hit the gravity bong and were high outta our fuckin minds and he went home and started walking in circles (right when ma rents came home) and they saw him walking in circles and were like WTF ????? and then came into ma room and saw me talking to ma speed bag (boxing bag) it was jokes and they culdnt smell any weed smell so they automatically thought we did some hard drugs :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. When I was in middle school, I had a little bottle of rubber cement. I used it to paste shit on my textbooks, and one quarter when my grades were declining she accused me of sniffing it. I never would have even considered that. Smoking marijuana is one thing (and I didn't even start until my junior year of HS) but I can't see myself sniffing glue.
  15. my mom took my grinder from me and brought it to a relative who is on the SWAT team and he told her it was used to grind up the seeds from the weed to smoke them. I was really baked looking for it and my sister told me this and i almost pissed myself laughing.
  16. My parents are dumb with shit like that, I had a little glass tube I bent into a triangle in chemistry and they thought it was a crack pipe. I had some all in one grease cleaner orange shit and they though I was huffing it (used it to clean my bubblers lol)

    They saw a white square of paper that comes wrapped arond the foil in gum pieces and thought it was a rolling paper.
  17. my parents hide benadryl from me and cough medecine...
  18. LOL just shows how stupid some people are. :p

  19. That whole thing was hilarious, if there wasnt limits on sig size id put that in there. Btw, why would they be pissed about salvia? Thats more legal than cigarettes. Cigarettes you have to be 18, around here salvia is sold to anyone, I think some states have made it 18 now though.

    Edit: I forgot to tell my story on how stupid parents are. My parents thought I was smoking pot... before I was smoking pot (or doing anything). Now that I'm actually smoking, and all the time, they havent said anything to me.
  20. My parents are pretty chill. Its pretty much a don't ask don't tell thing.

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