Great Story About My Doctor's Office Trip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by elementxero, May 27, 2002.

  1. Well, it's not so much great as cool. So I went to my doctors office for a physical (stoned of course lol). I'm doing all the standard doctors office crap, then he hands me a sheet of paper to fill out. It asked about sex, drugs, etc. So under illegal drugs, just to see his reaction, I circled marijuana, and frequency of use I wrote 7-15 times a week (although thats probably an understatement :D). So when he was going over it he started getting pissed about how I said that I smoked cigarettes. So I got the standard butt-lecture. Then he moves to the pot question, says "just pot, right?". me: "yep"
    doc: "okay" ::moves on to next question::

    If that isn't a confirmation of my beliefs that pot is harmless I don't know what is. A liscensed and practicing MD passes a heavy habit off as if it were nothing!

    PS- If you've never done it, it's REALLY COOL to get injections when you are really stoned.
  2. shit man
    i hate matter stoned or not

    but then again never got injections stoned

    wot i never understand is why do doctors bother asking u shit that they can find out for tests and shit

    it could take him a second to find out if it was anything else u did not not


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