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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ajbudda14, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. So I'm at my friends house, this was a few years go we were juniors in high school, and im with like 4 other kids, and wer hot boxin the fuck out of this small room in his basement. We have passed around like 8 bowls and burned a couple j's, and we were ripped off our asses. So all of a sudden we hear this really loud noise, and wer like wtf was that. I go outside of the room with one of my friends, and he says HOLY SHIT!!:eek: its the garage door his mom must be fucking home.!! So my adrenaline is pumping everyone is freaking out and I dont know wtf to do, so i just run upstairs and sprint out the front door on to his lawn and my friend is following. And I look up at the driveway and what do I see,......... absolutely nothing, I mean there are no cars in the driveway or the garage. WUT THE FUCK. So now im just standing on his front lawn in the middle of the night thinking to myself how retarded I am. Then i go back inside, into the basement, I open the door and i see my 3 other friends who are completely baked, running in circles, freaking out, when I saw there facial expressions I almost pissed myself it was so funny. So i just tell them all to chill out it was nothing, and a second later we realize that we are standing right next to a boiler room and that must have been the noise. That was a fucking crazy night.:p
  2. hahaha, crazy shit.
  3. Funny shit. I hate people who get paranoid.
  4. hahaha thats awesome
  5. Thats why the only time i smoke at a house where the parents dont condone it is when i fishbowl my friends movie theatre (he has way too much money), but then again most of my friends parents smoke with us:hello:
  6. Yeah my friend we were at his house just the other day, lit a fat 'ol blunt, and about 8 bowls passed around. That room was HOT BOXEDD. His bro was smoking with us. We opened the side window and there was just smoke coming out.
  7. i love a perfect hotbox where all your breathing is pure smoke, it's so fulfilling lol

  8. way to fuck up your lungs.
  9. BUZZKILL funny shit tho hah

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