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Great stash spot.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZaniuM, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. You have to buy one thing every two months or so for about two dollars. This stash spot are a package of lysol wipes. They keep the smell away, and have a nice hiding spot for your weed.


    First off, make sure you buy the lysol wipes that are big and fat. What you do is open up the wipes, and put your weed in the little hole. I'll update with pics in a second.
  2. I just use my ass.
  3. your weed will end up smelling and tasting like the wipes

  4. Not if you keep your weed in a baggie.
  5. I would use a jar and make a false bottom.
  6. i stash mine on my table in a glass jar. i mean keep. fuck stashing =)
  7. OP hopefully your mommy doesnt try to clean up and find your shitty stash spot.

    enjoy smoking those chemicals as well.
  8. ...why wouldn't you just spray paint a mason jar black (outside of course...and not while the weed is in the jar, I feel like I have to say this for some people)...and put your weed inside and find a clever hiding spot, and you think you're mom isn't going to use the lysol wipes? If I remember my mom when I was in middle school. high school, way back when...she cleaned every square inch of my disgusting room. Unless you're a neat freak already, my mom would have found that lysol container, and that woman would have smoke all my weed. :smoking:

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