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Great smell, but bad/little/no taste? And no munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 90snostalgia, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. In fact, everything about it is flawless, and has a powerful sativa high like it should (I was very high), so I thought the bad taste and lack of munchies was weird.
    I heard a popping sound when sparks were present, which I understand means that tiny seeds are in the bud because it wasn't flushed properly, or something like that.
    I just want to know why the taste wasn't good, and why there was no munchies. Hopefully nothing alarming ...
  2. Probably just a shitty grow with a good strain, or just was dried poorly.
  3. Bad dry, leaving pockets of moisture in it (which would make a popping noise when you burn it).

    Or, the grower didn't flush the soil right before harvest, which would lead to fertilizer and nutrients being taken into the buds during the final days instead of the energy of the plant working towards resin gland production. Poorly flushed buds are known to burn funny, not completely turn to white ash after burning, and bad taste.
  4. Not all weed leaves you with munchies
  5. Either a poor cure or poor flush, or maybe both. Whenever i had a badly flushed batch it always looked great, smelled good, but tasted like straight chemicals, which was the left over fertilizer & nutrients.

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