Great site/place to get a ~250$ bubbler?

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  1. I recently became SUPER turned on to bubblers, not those silly 50$ sherlock ones, but the nice Luke Wilson 15-arm bubbs.

    Well, it's about that time to add a quality bubbler to my collection but I have NO idea where to look. I haven't done much research on bubblers nor have I ever dealt with bubblers, pretty much a newbie when it comes to heady bubbs.

    Basically what I'm looking for is a bubbler similar to the Luke Wilson 15-Arm. I've got around 250$ to spend (if I really like it I wouldn't mind spending up to 300-350). The only site I've done real research on is Aqua Labs, but they don't have a huge selection of bubblers, I'm looking to broaden my scope of what's out there on the bubbler side of things.

    BASIC CRITERIA/what I'm looking for:

    -heady name-brand bubbler ~250$
    -design similar to Luke Wilson 15-Arm bubb (standing position)
    -ashcatcher IF POSSIBLE
    -flame polished IF POSSIBLE
    -inline maybe?
    -5+ arm IF POSSIBLE
  2. If you assume paying 4x more for a cool looking bubbler makes it better...your assuming wrong.

  3. I pay for quality. I have no problem paying 300$ for a nice piece of glass.
  4. I don't either but a $250 bubbler??

  5. Excuse me while I blow your mind with the first heady bubbler you've ever seen.

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  6. ... im not retarded. Thespakelinda has one of those too. I just think thats a lot of cash for a bubbler. You could get an ssv vape for that price.

  7. But I already have a Magic Flight Launch Box. Vapes are not satisfying to me, heady bubblers look unique and can hit hella harder. Have you ever hit a Luke Wilson 15/6 Arm Double Chamber with A/C? Thats 21 arms of diffusion, not including the ashcatcher or second chamber.
  8. I'm not a vape fan either. To new school for me. And uhhh...definately not. I'm gonna go look for some really dank bubblers and see if you like any of them. You got any in particular your looking for?
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    brutha, if you have enough for a LW 15 arm.... why compromise? it's honestly the best bub out there. i love mine, that's for sure. it's my own high-end water piece since i sold my sov stemline + toro circ a/c but it functions well for flowers, errls, taste, vaping, it covers all the bases very well. smooth enough for a daily driver, but you can rip it hard if you want. i swear the way those arms function it's almost like it's pulling the smoke into the water and churning the hell out of it. awesome stuff.

    also heady means worked, aka colored sections on the piece.
  10. yah it sounds like you've already made up your mind about the luke wilson. just get it, you won't regret it and not much is comparable in the price range.
  11. that site is one of the better ones.
    If you want a LW bub, why not get the LW bub? For trees I think he is one of the best.

    If you like showerheads I would look at vertigo or 2011bc if you can find it. If you want something more unique why not get a custom one made. Maybe try GMD (user: aaangelicaaa), apix (user: smilyagent), or just any blower you happen to like...shoot them an email and ask.

  12. Eh since I'm not too schooled in bubbs I've only heard of a few really heady brands. The two brands I'm really looking at now are:


    and Luke Wilson: Leisure Glass - 15 Arm Bubbler - Rasta Label # 2

  13. Nice man, I appreciate the feedback...I haven't experimented too much with flowers and all that jazz but yea I really have it down between the Mobius or the LW

  14. I really wanted to look into a custom Luke Wilson. My dream bubbler would be a flame polished, 15-arm, toro A/C Luke Wilson, but of course, customs are ridiculously expensive :(
  15. flowers = weed

    get the luke wilson over the mobius, the mobius is nice, but not worth the extra $90 imo
  16. and I don't know why anyone is suggesting customs with his price range unless he wants a janky custom from a no name blower
  17. Do u like toros there more money but go on YouTube mad search them up Channel like ccc420 and chubs have great toros and there Sick i wish i could aford them
  18. toro's are nice but overpriced. they also don't make bubblers so I don't know why you even brought them up
  19. [​IMG]

    This looks like a pretty heady bubbler to me. And it's only five bucks. God bless China.

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