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  1. Hope it's OK to post this...

    Relocating to New England ? Want to live in Seacoast NH ? Zoned residential/Agricultural. Great opportunity. Beautiful home and buildings on 11 very private acres. The whole neighborhood has similar large parcels and cannot be subdivided by covenants. Everyone minds their business. Enclosing some photographs for the indoor potential ….a large dismantled darkroom. Outdoors is obvious. For a detailed description of the property along w/ tons of photos go to the below website. PLEASE contact us directly, and not our real estate agent if interested. She probably wouldn't understand.


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  2. Why wouldn't your real estate agent understand selling a property?
  3. Pffftttt...Fuck that, dog...My ass ain't movin' to New England, B. :cool:
  4. I'm good, but that darkroom is lightyears better than my ghetto ass setup.

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