Great places you have smoked at

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  1. One for me would definitely have to be this forest located at the edge of a suburb near the city I live in. Went there with my girlfriend and just chilled and adventured throughout the whole fucking serene and beautiful.

    Another would have to be on top of this huge ass rock on the edge of a cliff out in the boonies about 30 minutes from the city, also very serene. My me and my friends pretty much felt like we were on top of the world haha.
  2. These not so finished apartments... they had the skelton up ya know? me braden matt and diego just chilled our ass the fuck out and we watched the stars

  3. Oh man I love skeleton buildings, only been to them in the day though, actually had a friend fall down 12 feet out of one because he was leaning on a pole that apparently was not completely stable and spun causing him to fall. His backpack full of water bottles and food saved him though haha.
  4. On a ferris wheel with my home boy..hah when we got off the girl who opens your door sniffs smiles and laughs
  5. On Hippie Hill with various tourists and locals all smoking and having a good time

    In a nature spot in the middle of what seems like nowhere and staring at the stars

    On my bike riding down the street at 3 AM with a blunt in my mouth

    On top of a water tower known as "Top of the World" because you can see the entire city from it. It's such a hot spot now that no one smokes there any more.
  6. This was pretty amazing to smoke to

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  7. Lambeau Field
    Soldier Field
    Comiskey Park
    Disney World
    Six Flags Great America
    Las Vegas
    The Tail of the Dragon
  8. Somewhere in the Rockies, Colorado. Off the beaten path, looking across a gorge.
    Fucking beautiful. Then a deer scared the shit out of me.
  9. Me and two of my friends posted up on this bench on a hill that overlooked our whole city. needless to say we felt like we were on top of the world ha
  10. Mountains.
    My geography class freshman year.
  11. on the NY state capital steps. in day light. such an awesome day that was

    also smoked underneath the steps, about 20 feet from the governor's car (but i had clearance to be down there, so it's less illegal then what it could have been, lol)

    the stairs of the state education building. (was the original building of my old high school [200 years old])

    Estes Park, CO overlooking the hotel they filmed The Shining in at dusk. (gorgeous)

    friend's room while she was giving me dome (this was simply for my enjoyment)
  12. There's a quarry in my town that we just kind of stumbled upon this summer. It's pretty chill there's a huge ass bulldozer that you can climb on and shit. The drop is pretty ridic too so we throw rocks and shit when we are absolutely blitzed and just wait to hear the splash with the water. It's pretty much my city's Grand Canyon. Also me and my boy always smoke by the "muddy river" before going into Fenway Park. It's just this shitty little river not too far from the park so we get blazed grab an AP and watch some baseball.
  13. The first place I smoked is this little abandoned road that went out behind the airport in my hometown. You could sit out there at night and see the entire runway lit up, even see the occasional plane landing.

    The place I had the most fun in however, was at my best friends place. He had this decent sized storm cellar with electricity set up in it. We'd bring some video games or a laptop and just hotbox the hell out of it.
  14. usually anywhere with loud music :smoking:
  15. At the college I went to there was a closet in the Men's bathroom. This bathroom was on the top floor of the technology (my field) building. In the closet there was a ladder. If you were bold enough to climb the ladder up about two stories (scary) it lead into the attic.

    It was old, historical, and eerily beautiful. Always abandoned and quiet. I used to sneak up there all the time when I was in college and smoke a bowl or two. I had a mat that I was bringing with me to lay on. I'd just smoke, lay and get comfortable, and listen to good music on my iPod :smoking:

    It felt like I had a secret place that no one else knew about that I could always be alone and reflect.

    I miss that :(

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