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Great places to be homeless....

Discussion in 'General' started by durty nugget, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Ah yeah man, my bad! Sorry, got so caught up in the thread I forgot about your initial post (yeeeahh.. :smoke:). How did you like Nederland? I've got a friend that stayed out there, showed me some beautiful photos.

    Made me jealous now, I kind of feel like abandoning everything for a sleeping bag and a fishing rod.

    :hello: Best of luck to you! I wish I could help you out with what you actually want help with. Do check out Road Junky. At first its a little hard to navigate the site and get a feel for things, but you'll definitely learn a thing or two there.

    My apologies, man. I tried to word it as delicately as possible to avoid confusion but it seems my efforts did not avail.
  2. Nederland is rad...lots of kind bud and people. Cops are getting shitty, like alot of places...but it is still possible to camp in the national forests. Plus hitch hiking is legal, and way easy to do. I car camped all over the area and never was once bothered. Met lots of great folks out there....
  3. My buddy and I were thinking of making that place a destination in the not too distant future. Car camping was definitely on the agenda, so its good to hear that we wont eat shit for it.

    And that makes me happy to hear about the hitch hiking. Makes no fucking sense that its illegal most places...
  4. uhh i hear emerson pond is nice
  5. I want to man
  6. dude umm my friend has been living in working in argintenia since school started.
    partyies all the time, but summers almost over i think....
  7. Socellito (sp?) or Mill Valley.
    Theyre right out side of San Francisco and theyre way chill
    I visited them and in Socelito there were like floating houses and tons of hippies, good stuff. Beautiful forests too. Plus San Fran has some great bud

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