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Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, May 20, 2004.

  1. ...since no one in your huge country seems to like bush, is kerry just gonna get most the votes then?

    (actually i changed it, you dont have to be american to reply :p)
  2. Well gore literally got the most votes in the first election. But because of the electoral system bush got elected. There is a lot of people who are against bush's practices and all the crap he has done and is doing dragging our economy in the mud to boot. Kerry should get elected but it may be down to the wire. There are a lot of ignorant people who believe anything a comercial tells them to. :)
  3. that is some funny (sad) shit how our president wasn't even elected, really.
  4. If bush wins ill kill myself

    Lol j/k but i do hate Bush
  5. LOL Kerry is a douche and will not win. If you really think most people in America hate Bush, your very misinformed.

    Don't limit yourself to these liberal biased forums. Don't be scared to visit a forum which favors conservatives. You will be much more welcomed then a conservative on a liberal forum. Also, conversations are much more civil.
  6. damn liberals really get on my nerves. kerry is going to be so much better than bush hahaha riiiight. people are acting like kerry likes americans more than bush or some shit...i'd vote for bush over kerry any day, kerry cant even decide what he thinks "uhh my family drives suv's but not me" people can't even think for themselves on this issue, everyones goes with the flow which is to bash bush. yet when you try to discuss this with them, they cant even come up with an argument for their side
  7. nader 2004

  8. ^lol

    If I could have anyone in the White House in 2004 it would be Kuchnich (sp?). But voting for him would be throwing a vote away. Same with Nader.
  9. Democrats and Republicans. There are two major political parties where only a candidate from one of these parties actually stands a chance of winning an election.

    ~ carrey is not necessarily a great candidate but he is the lesser of two evils. A vote for nader or just about anyone else is a vote thrown away.

  10. yeah thats waht i was thinking...and im still mad about the last election, i thought the people elected the president?

  11. love that civil conversation. :rolleyes:
    it's really funny that people get so riled up over something as trite as the supposed conservative v. liberal dualistic opposition.
    still going to vote for nader, though. my vote is symbolic anyhow.
  12. lol i always thought it was kinda funny that the state that had to have a re-count was governed by the brother of one of the presidential canidates...

    fuck kerry, ...go Kunicih er whatever his name is ....good man ...too bad he will never win lol :)
  13. im still quite sad dean droped out

  14. exchange "kill myself" with "move to canada"

  15. go learn how the government works... were you stoned durring your social studies classes in middle school?
  16. :rolleyes:

    one dollar = one vote.


    (ps, Kerry is a member of the very same secret society Bush is)

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