Great NYC food while high or sober

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  1. Whats up tokers. First off, anyone here live in New York City? If so, what's your favorite place to get food from while either high or sober?
    I would have to say mine is Blue 9 burger on 13th and 3rd or Vezzo's thin crust pizza on 31st and lex.
    damn, now i have to think of more good places to eat at.
  2. mann, that hotdog spot that has those crazy fruit smoothies is tastyy.
  3. Make the drive over to Trenton and eat at DiLorenzo's Pizza :p

    I've been to Italy and I can honestly say that the old-style no-nonsense thin-crust pizza they make at DiLorenzo's is better than what I ate in Sicily.
  4. Oyama on 1st and 11th. Half price sushi place with delicious sushi at ridiculously low prices. Last time I went there I had just bought my first ever piece of glass (a minibong) which my gf and I smoked around the corner on the sidewalk using snow to filter the smoke since we didn't have water. What a meal it was that followed...
  5. tacos, quesadillas, arepas, gorditas or any latino food in Jackson Heights, Queens.

    Pomme Frites at st. marx and 2nd ave in the east village.

    Difara's Pizza in on Ave. J in Midwood, BK.

    Combo platter at the late-night halal cart at 53rd and 6th.

    Sripraphai in Woodside, Qns.

    Vietnamese food (pho) on prince street in Flushing, Qns.

    Fried oreos at any street fair.

    There's so much more but that about sums up my favs. NYC is a stoner's paradise when it comes to food.
  6. not a poor stoners.

    and man,there was an oyama in brooklyn on 4rth ave. between 86th and 85th. they were okay at the time, maybe they moved cause they been gone for a while.
  7. Lombardi's or Grimaldi's

    Oh yes, it's worth the wait.
  8. if chinese is what you want head to wo hop in china town. its on mott st and they have the best chinese food i ever ate with low prices too. try the lo mein if you go there. max brenners by union square is also a pretty good place to eat. theyve got some great bacon cheeseburgers and theyve got choclate fondue. nyc has so many good places to eat but you gotta have some $$$.
  9. Sripraphai is awesome, great restaurant and relatively unknown. When I'm baked I love to hit up the Jade Asian Restaurant in Flushing Queens for some noon-time dim's a great meal with tons of dumplings, spring rolls, steamed veggies, etc....and it's usually only 10 bucks a person for something that will fill you up the whole day. Also a lot of fun to watch the whole chaotic atmosphere of dim sum when you are high as a kite.
  10. im assuming u mean first street and 11th ave.? gotta check it out, im pretty sure ive seen that place

    yeah, love that place. went there for school once, keep going back.
  11. No one has mentioned Carnegie Deli? What the fuck is wrong with you people.
  12. wooooord. gotta get a pastrami sandwich and a slice of strawberry cheesecake from there. cant forget the cherry soda.
  13. If you got extra cash, I mean like 70 bucks extra, you should definitely hit up The Old Homestead. Best steak in the world.
  14. Cheapest and best deal in NYC is in Mainstreet flushing. Where Main street and Kissesna blvd meet, right by the kfc under the bridge looking thing there is a Lo Mein spot. 2.50$ and you'll be full. But i love NYC, our chinese food is banging. Anywhere you go we got that sick ass ***** food.
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    I second max brenners, gotta go easy on the chocolate though
    2bros pizza-1$ slices everyone knows this place.
    Tony's- there's one on 84 and 2nd and another in timesquare.
    Smith and wollensky steakhouse, expensive but amazing. Get a filet mignon and then some peanut butter cake for dessert
    Pintailes pizza- there's a few of those in the 70s, 80s and 90s
    Any good chinese food in Chinatown from a street stand, greasy, cheap, and good.
    I'll have to add more when I end my break

    Oh and right now I'm headin out to Yorkville Creperie for some dessert crepes
  16. seconeded - but all ya'll stuck up NY'ers think you got the best pizza, i've had better pizza back home:p (I'm not jokin though - but in no way is that a dis to delicious NY pizza)

    Mario's or Enzo's if you wanna drop loot, and head to little italy/arthur ave in the bronx.
    Also, not sure if there's a Five guys burgers and fries in the city, but damn, i just had it for the first time in Mystic a couple days ago, and it was unbeleivable. It really does rival In and Out burger on the west coast.
  17. Theres a Thai restaurent on 5th ave between 4th and 5th street in park slope brooklyn. its so amazing.
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