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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by JJJ420, May 27, 2004.

  1. Good shit, i payed 140 for 17.5 grams today, usually 215 an ounce. Its really good bud, tons of crystals, this buds all i get.

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  2. Tell me what you guys think.

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  3. nugggieess

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  4. lol.. you can get 14 grams of better shit than that for 100 bucks canadian here lol..

    poor american

  5. if you think thats bad then you have nevr been to my town..... i rarely see good lookin buds.......but when i do man they are nice...... now everyone just laces the tree with coke because it is so weak.....nice lookin bud
  6. thats 17.5 grams?
  7. haha no, thats like a gram and a half or 2 grams, i sold the rest, and that bud was part of my profit
  8. you mean you fundraised it......right....?

    well that does look pretty good. i would like it. the stuff i usually get is pretty good, not too crystalized but tons of purple hairs. that stuff looked fresh too. nothing too special, good amount of hairs i guess, not much crystalization tho :(
    id smoke it....looks like good quality mids to me.

  9. First off why would you even try to compare the two?

    There is NO comparison..The USD exchange rate is much higher than that of the canadian dollar.

    This just means i can get bc bud here in the US for much less than what your paying for it right now.

  10. I don't think you understand. I get really dank bud for $90-$110 a half... from what I've heard a lot of people in the US are not only paying more (in american dollars) but they're not getting the best buds. Just because our dollar's low in comparison to USD doesn't mean we're paying more.

    Edit: Nice profit man, happy smoking
  11. Yeah well..i get the same stuff as you out here on the east coast...Stuff straight out of bc..The shit is fucking killer too..I won't say how much i pay but i know for sure it's alot less than what yall pay for it....
  12. stop argueing and smoke a bowl..... this threads for appreciating JJJ420's buds....
  13. thanks, im gonna take ur advice and go kill a bowl of this tasty shit....

  14. If you seen this stuff in person, im sure you'd change your mind, ive seen buds with some major crystalization and this is up there with some of the best ive gotten.
  15. looks nice man
  16. looks like some bangins, fuck what the other people say, i'd smoke the hell out that shit :X
  17. looks kinda like the stuff i get around here.
  18. Looks like a really good deal to me. You paid $8 a gram for good weed. Obviously weed is cheaper in Canada(select places, I'm assuming), that's the way it is and we know it here in the US. Prices fluctuate so much though. In the same state, 3 hours apart, ounces have a $50-75 difference in price. Where I am at least.

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