Great night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by EVOLVEDlogic, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'll keep this short and sweet:

    My night was amazing.. ate a brownie, smoked a fatty, drank some brew, saw The Glitch Mob live, got so close I could touch the center one, danced with some saucy mammas, drove home with the top down with three good buddies, went walking around until 4 in the morning, and now i'm sitting here freshly showered (much sweat had accumulated between the past six hours).

    Yes, cool story bro me, but it was a good night indeed! :smoke:
  2. Cool drunk driving story bro!
  3. Cool put others lives at risk with your dumb drunk ass driving story, bro!
  4. youre cool

    but that story was cooler :cool:

    sounds like a good night though
  5. First of all, We went with four kids. My friend and I are the only smokers in the group, and my other friend also had brew with us while we smoked. Friend #4 doesn't smoke or drink, so he drove.

    So thank you for assuming i'm an idiot. I guess my story was short and hardly any details, but come on now.
  6. That's nothing, I took 9 shots of Vodka and crashed into a Chuck E Cheese with a Hummer that I stole and killed 24 children and 1 mouse mascot.
  7. The mouse mascot what did it ever do to you. your so inhumane

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