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    First of all i would just like to start by saying i live in south dakota where most drugs

    besides weed and meth are not readily avaliable. So last night im chilling with my boy

    and i smoke weed daily and i awlays was the kinda person with a friend of a friend so to

    speak on getting my weed or anything else i wanted and then hes like "Wanna go to a

    bomb ass party and get high and have fun for free?" and of course not ever resisting

    the chance to get free weed i willingly accepted. So we get to the party and its fun as hell

    toked like 3 bowls of some dank nug to my face and was just high as hell so then all the

    sudden i see these guys at a table just dropping Xanax bars and OxyCotton like its

    nothing. I didnt join in because im really not into narcotics or benzo's yet but i just still talk to

    them not to be a dick and then just outta no where one of them is like "Here's my

    number i can get you anything you want from Weed to 2c-i." and of course i accept but

    but being the paranoid bastard i am i check around about this guy at the party and ask

    a few people about him. All people just said positive things about him and i asked if he

    was addicted to narcotics and everyone said no he just does them once a month

    because he likes them an does not want to get addicted. So i call up this dude later that

    night after we leave the party and i ask him for like 4 tabs of acid and he complies. It

    was only 10$ a tab so about 40$ for all of them and i took two and my other boy took

    2 and we where just fucked and it was legit acid so now i basically trust this guy and i

    can get everything i want for not too much cash. Just thought i would share that with you

    guys it was pretty exciting :bongin::bongin::bongin:
  2. sick man, congrats. Its always a nice feeling finding a solid connect. I just found a guy that can get a bunch of shit too, includingk ketamine, which im getting on friday.
  3. yeah, it's like opening presents on christmas kind of feeling. lol
  4. Exactly thats how i felt !
  5. sure is. Congrats!!! P.S 2-c-i is the shit.
  6. yeah same for me whenever i get a new connect :) ;)
  7. You asked people at the party if he was "addicted to narcotics"..............Really?
  8. Yes, after having a father who was addicted to heroin and many perscription painkillers i kinda like to know plus why would you just search the whole post for something negative to say ?
  9. that's understandable. he may want to make sure the guy won't jip him for his own benefit
  10. I'm not trying be negative here, I'm simply saying that using the word "narcotics" around dealers, can really sketch them the fuck out.
  11. I agree windowpanes sorry to kind of flip shit on you i just saw my dad do some really fucked up shit to get his smack i just dont like dealing with junkies very much
  12. lucky man. I cant get anything nowadays.

  13. lmao exactly what i was thinking...

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