great night EPIC ending hahah

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  1. Friday started out normal i went to school took some test and talked to some people same for my brother he went to work did nothing and we did are friday tradition got blazed as fuck off are vapor brothers hands free vaporizer we were toasted...we vaped 2 grams each then rolled 2 joints each for the rode to look at nature we got back in at 11ish so baked i had tears rolling down my face without knowing..eyes redier than the devils dick im one of those lazy ones while im high and i pissed in a bottle i had just finished drinking well shortly after i pissed in it i passed out it turned out it was a apple juice bottle and my brother decided he was gonna kill the whole bottle next thing i know i wake up to my piss coming out of his mouth gagging and later puking i was laughing so hard i was crying hahaha it all got blamed on me to I LOVE WEED!!!:hello:

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  2. holy grammar!
  3. hahaha
  4. hahaha, that exact same thing happened to me but with a lemonade gatorade

  5. Fuck! Epic fail! Nice..... I actually lol'd at that.

  6. noo one could of laughed at that harder than i my friend
  7. lol

    thats all.

  8. I don't think there was a period in that entire fuckin thing

    Lawlz :p

  9. for real
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  11. I've seen this happen, A few of us had been drinking extremely heavily for a few days straight and right before I went to bed I pissed into a massive cider bottle that still had a tiny bit in the bottom and went to bed, now obviously this was no ordinary piss, there was a lot of toxins in my body that needed excreting and it was a seriously, foul, dark, long drawn piss.
    The next morning everybody was eating breakfast together outside in the garden in the mess from the night before and most of us decided to have a hair of the dog to catch ourselves, everybody grabs a drink and then this one guy goes for the cider bottle of destiny, which in all fairness to him did look legitimately like cheap cider, he was just about to pour a glass when I remembered that it was about 2 liters of my piss with a drop of cider for flavouring and said to him "*anonymous* I BET you don't have the balls to down the whole bottle on that nice empty stomach of yours" to which he obviously replies all the bullshit about how he drinks kegs of cider for breakfast every morning and how he was drinking kegs of cider whilst I was still sucking on my momas titties etc. etc.
    Anyway long story short he DID down the entire thing in one and never even noticed that it was a solid 95% piss.

    Another time a few of us had been in the studio and somebody had pissed in a cup because they apparently 'couldn't be fucked going to the toilet', most of the original group left and some new people arrived, one of these individuals was, to be frank, a fucking retard. He sits down and starts making some chat about how his days been etc, we smoked a few bowls and passed a joint around and then
    ME: "hey *anonymous1* *anonymous2* think's this apple juice tastes funny but I reckon it's the shit when you're high, why don't you try some and settle the debate *anonymous1*?" as I pass him the warm cup of piss, the fucked up thing was I couldn't stop laughing right at him as I was talking
    ANONYMOUS1: "oh yeah man some apple juice would be good right this fucking warm?"
    ME: "no man you're tripping just chug that shit"
    *ANONYMOUS1 takes a healthy swig of piss, contemplates for a second then goes bright red, spits it out all over the couch and runs to the bathroom to be sick. he was pretty pissed of.
    Moral of the story: don't trust anybody, because anybody could be me and at some point I'm going to fucking get you and you're going to drink my piss motherfucker.

  12. I just fucking lost it.
  13. Hahahaha thats funny as hell.
  14. wow, that is so bad, but so damn funny man lmao. im always careful of ppl like you, lotta chewers round here so ive grown up being careful of what i grab to drink
  15. Dude. What's really fucked 'bout that is that he must have tasted piss, sometime in his life, to be able to recognize that he was drinking urine.
    Ahahahah. Sucks, man.
  16. i counted five. but there was three in one place and two in another. lol

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