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Great News !!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. as some of you know i made a post the otherday about the director of the oakland canibus club getting 3months for handing out leaflets in front of a court house. Well i got some awesome news , another judge just threw that sentance out and gave jeff jones 3yrs prohbation instead of any jail time. Its a good day today for the medical marijuana community out here in california , jeff jones is a awesome man that is willing to put his own lively hood on the line to help sick and dying people get their medicine. Im glad another judge stepped up and did something about it. all i can say is horray.
  2. 3 yrs probation is still awhile for spreading your beliefs.
    Still, better than jail time, congrats
  3. way better than jail time if you ask me. Probation isnt that bad of a thing. As long as you stay out of trouble probation is nothing major. Being in a federal prison though that sucks , id much rather be free and be able to enjoy life than to be locked in a cement cell with no way out for 3months of my life. Im very glad another judge stepped up and realized a prison sentance was just way to harsh. I just hope jeff dosent get into any more legal trouble cause not that he is on probation if he does get into legal trouble he's defintally going to jail, and since he is the director of the oakland canibus club the threat of him getting arrested by the DEA is still very real.
  4. I'm glad a judge stepped up too...but still, 3 years probation for handing out leaflets??? Passing them out by hand shouldn't have been something to get him in trouble. It's not like he was passing out weed...just information. It almost violates the freedom of speech thing...actually, in my eyes, it does!

    People pass out information in front of abortion clinics but they don't go to jail. Is this just a Cali law where you can't share information??? Maybe I need to go and read the original post and see what all was involved...
  5. like i continually rant on and on about....

    Authoritarian society.
    civilian rights are breached by the authorities every day.

    but to stop myself sounding like a broken record i'll lift the needle now.
  6. reform they were marijuana leaflets thats why.
  7. still shouldn't mean anything....

    I'm so tempted to get a bull horn and start shouting stuff about marijuana to see how far I can go w/o the cops after me :D
  8. who gives a FCK what kind of leaflets!
    people pass out leaflets about all kinds of religions people dont always appriciate that. You could be giving a muslim a leaflet about christianity and doubt they'd appriciate that and visa versa, but i dont see any jail time for that. Anyway, if you dont want the god damn leaflet, say, NO THANK YOU, not, hey im gonna get you some jail time for spreading what you think is right. the gov just wants to hide up ANYTHING that has to do with weed and what is REAL. If it tells the truth about marijuana, they will take the quickest and worst actions to get rid of it, so the rest of the uneducated in the ways of marijuana public dont form the RIGHT ideas about weed.
  9. i couldn't agree more stylez....well said

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