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Great Music and Great Weed: The amazing combo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zestyzach, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I love smoking weed. Plain and simple. But i am a true believer that buds enhance certain experiences that people take for granted in their life. One of these great and truly magical experiences is listening to great music. My favorite band happens to be Pink Floyd, and there is nothing i enjoy more than listening the then after i have smoked with some friends or just by myself. I think that this area is where cannabis truly comes out and preforms its best. Also just to add a little more "tripiness" i love putting on a good visualizer and just chillin. So post your favorite music and how weed makes it better.
  2. Ganja Babe by Michael Franti and Spearhead, great song when you're blazed. Music and weed just go together.
  3. I love to listen to The Flaming Lips while stoned, or even better watching their music videos. Just the way that the music flows with the synth elements and good vocals can totally put me in to another world...
  4. The Bad Plus

    They're pretty much an abstract jazz trio who do whatever the hell they want with music. NOTHING is better than smoking a bowl or two and just opening your mind to new music.
  5. Floyd is good.

    Led Zeppelin is really my favorite band to listen to when stoned. It's strange, you would think that since like half of their songs are hard rock the relaxed high might be interrupted, but that is not the case... Really just music that has true energy and spirit to it is what I love, stoned or sober.
  6. The Doors are amazing. I feel like each time I put those headphones on and play some doors I get a really soothing head massage.
  7. hey what are some good songs by the flaming lips?? i friend of mine tole me about them and i havn't had the chance to look them up.
    also i heard of another good band but i havn't heard many of their songs there called Porcupine Tree.
  8. light my fire, oh yea
  9. DUDE YES. I'm listening to Fidelity by Regina Spektor right now. It's crazily good. Weeeee.
  10. Chevelle is awesome. I have lots of memories of getting high to their music.
  11. i love listening to some electro and house, and some rap on occasions (weezy, slim thug, atmosphere)
  12. Sublime is another good one.

  13. Anything on "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" is good
  14. I mainly listen to rap when high some of my faves: lil wayne, afroman, Mobb deep
  15. a rapper that i like is Gorila Zoe
  16. Mine are meth man and redman

    I love Phish
  17. that site is the bomb, I use that too.

    But when I smoke I usually listen to floyd, tool, athlete, twilight singers, or muse.
  18. Dark Side of the Moon + Low Tolerance + Weed = Most amazing experience of my life

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