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  1. Hey guys! New to rolling joints? Can't roll to your satisfaction? Well I have a video for you! Here is a tutorial I made on how to roll a nice, tight slow burning joint that will get you guys nice and fresh. If it helped you out throw a like on it or sub!

    [ame=]How to- Roll a Percy or Pinner joint - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I haven't heard of the card trick! Thanks dude.


  3. No problem. I figured eh why not I've seen some nasty looking joints in my time, thought i would pass on my knowledge to everyone else so we all have nice joints :smoke:
  4. do i purchase a sticky or do admins give them out? i think this would be a good sticky for rolling joints.
  5. Yo man nice j. You should come 2 Europe we love joints more than anything :)
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    Not to be a dick, because im sure this will help someone but you left out multiple steps:
    like cutting the pot up very consistently, the fact that almost noone uses a filter (at least here)

    you didnt loosen up the paper by rolling it against it self before filling with pot, which is probably why you suck at tucking it and rolling it (the card trick works but its a waste of time and a PITA)

    If you put the pot in the joint with more on the sides and a little dimple in the middle, and then roll from the middle you wont need to pack the ends in with a match or any other device, ill use a crude ascii drawing assume the lines are the height of pot in the joint before rolling ||||||IIIIIII|||||| Grab where the I's are and start rolling outwards, pot will fall out the sides but once you practice you will have a solid joint.

    Another thing that may help users is to flip how you hold the paper in your hand, personally ive never seen anyone besides myself do this, i always get comments "the papers backwards" or "wtf" etc but its how i roll and i find it much easier than the alternative that is employed by 90% of people or more.

    I understand this is a pinner joint, but theres really no reason to twist the end into a half inch long roll of paper, that never tastes good to smoke and is a waste of paper.

    To touch on the "filter" again, i think they are a waste of time and effort, very little benefit (slightly increased air flow near the end of a joint) the filter doesnt stop much of anything bad for you as there is a giant hole right in the middle, if you want a filter to stop carcinogens and what not then you need a filter in the style of a cigarette.

    Again this isnt meant to be mean, but maybe your next video could take some of these fundamentals into account.
  7. Who doesn't use filters?^^

    I intentionally buy Raw tips or have them included in my Raw connoisseur pack.

  8. To touch on your view of the filter tips. They aren't meant to filter out carcinogens. More to stop scoobs from getting through. I never used em until I started rolling myself, and now I don't really like joints without em.

    I think they give the joint a solid mouthpiece to hold/smoke from. Just a preference thing I suppose.
  9. I use a carbon pellet for my filter

  10. Yeah thats about all they do, i couldnt be bothered to roll up a piece of my rolling papers, or keep scisors or extra card available, OR pay money for them, if you roll a good solid joint nothing will come out the back of it and the weed itself is a far better filter of bad things. And as for the handle to hold the joint i just roach it before i burn my fingers.

    Obviously its user preference, but i dislike that some people assume a filter is necessary for a joint.
  11. I honestly prefer no crutch on my joints. Just cause most people who add them dont know how to do it properly, and it ends up popping out halfway through anyways. And, i know how to smoke a joint without slobbering all over the poor thing and causing low airflow.

  12. Very true. I started using em cause Grasscity sent me a booklet of tips with my order. They aren't expensive though. Like 5$ for 10 books of 50 tips.

    Definitely isn't a necessity for rolling though. A good roller will be able to roll nicely either way
  13. This video is just for begineer rollers pretty much, thats why i made it the card trick. I can tuck and roll fairly decently but when making this vid I couldnt for the life of me aha. I always use filters, they're a good peice for holding and smoking the joint from and if your sharing makes it so people don't soak the joint.
  14. Um wrong Section of the forums??? Lol
  15. well i had 2 posts before, and of the same thread by mistake and one got moved here and the other into other toking tools

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