Great Idea

Discussion in 'General' started by PIPSI, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. im liek ultra-baked right now and i got such a great idea
    we should make like an official grasscity saying that we could like use it sumtime that would be cool
  2. You my friend, are a moron. Hah, just playing. :D
  3. ok nvm i must have been really baked cuz i dotn remember postin that and it seems like a really dumb idea now that im strait
  4. everything makes sense my friend, when weed's concerned.........we all say here that each member is a "blade", we are all blades, but combined, a lot of blades make "grass" "grasscity" so our own kinda saying, is that we are all "blades".......Peace out.......Sid

  5. grasscity blades rule ,lol.:D
  6. Yep Grasscity Blades are #1!!!!!!!

  7. AH SO THAT'S WHERE IT COMES FROM!!! Did you guys make that up in some kinda secret "anti-eome/switch" thread? Cos I don't remember ever hearing it when I first joined and it just kinda sprung up outta nowhere. Either that or I am a dumbass who doesn't read enough of the threads.

    meh... either way... *lies down*

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