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Great idea to smoke and do at same time...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goldtide, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I just smoked a couple bowls and i just realized something that i want to do. I want to get a canoe and go canoing in some slue off rivers and creeks and smoke a couple joints. It seems like it would be such a peaceful thing to do while high.
  2. Go for it, just try not to get the joints wet.
  3. Sounds nice. Experiencing the outdoors is soo fun, high.
  4. damn i came in here thinking this thread was about cool things to do while smoking. i was gonna say i just took a shit and smoked a bowl at the same time. it. was. amazing. haha oh man try it sometime.. but uh since that's not what this threads for.. :hide:
  5. that would be pretty awesome..... but i wouldnt want to go through any rapids while stoned...
  6. that would be one hella of a

  7. I've done that a few times before, it really is great. :hello:
  8. That sounds like what a couple of my friends are planning with me. We are going to camp out on an island in the Florida Keys this summer and do nothing but hike around the island, climb trees, fish, kayak, and smoke. No technology, just us enjoying nature with our good friend Mary Jane.:rolleyes:
  9. i was baked off my ass like 3 weeks ago when this girl wanted to drive up the mountains and go walking down this stream or w/e but to get there its like a dangerous ass road up the mountains here in southern cali and i was nervous as FUCK riding shotgun.
  10. man that sounds like a blast. It would be the most chill time!

  11. That actually sounds bad ass. Just keep your joints in a baggy or something. Good luck hopefully its as bad ass as I think it would be.

    I live on around quite a few mountains so I think hiking while high would be pretty sweet.
  12. Pack a cooler with lunch & munch, plenty of drinks & go for it. The hubby and I float the Buffalo National River at least once a year, more if we can. It's AMAZING! :hello:

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