Great idea for a new section on the forum...

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by nodestiny, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Home-made smoking utilities


    Ghetto Bongs

    hehehe. But seriously, people often ask about it, and it would be easier to see ideas in a specific spot then adding more posts in the other forums.

    Just an idea ;)
  2. Me too I think we need some new forums on here...
  3. ya, and maybe they should make a new forum for any other drugs besides weed? i mean i really dont care, but ive seen some people that get mad because they dont like anything but pot. just a few suggestions o_O

  4. I think we should have a forum Where you describe how you feel when your stoned. I have seen a lot of threads like that.

  5. See, heres my thought on that...

    If you are on a marijuana form, you should talk about marijuana. If your on a crack forum, talk about crack.

    Plus, marijuana hasnt killed anybody, but i think all the other illegal drugs have (on overdose). Like the coke post a while ago. People telling me "Your not open minded". Now that is BS because people do stupid shit because of hard drugs, such as sell valuables to get money for their drugs, overdose and either hurt themselves badly or even death, put the drug in front of loved ones, do violent things under the influence under thoes drugs or to get thoes drugs.

    Also, id like to note that marijuana is a natural plant, no chemicals added. Just soil, water, and sun light.

    Many of the drugs out there are chemical based. would you go consuming ajax, drain-o, etc?

    People who do thoes hard drugs after marijuana make it MUCH harder to get legalization. Face it, marijuana is not a harmfull drug and should be legalized, where many other drugs are not exactly a good healthy habit ;)

    And fnaly...

    "Ive sucked dick for coke. You ever suck dick for marijuana?"

    :D hahahaha

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