great idea and faster growth technique

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  1. i know a technique that cost 30 dollars and 2 days of waiting ( amazon prime). grows your plant 25 percent faster and thicker stalk and branches
  2. so far this just sounds like an advertisement, but without any link or info on where to get the thing being advertised! lol!!

    post more info and some pics or links or proof or something!
    interesting first post, this grow technique must have you excited!!!
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  3. I remember the first time I created a perpetual motion machine. Very exciting at first. I tried to share it with the world, but the pro friction lobby is very powerful.
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  4. lol nah no advertisement have you ever thought about mixing hydroponics and soil grow together.
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  5. lol nah im serious tho (maybe if i speak grammatically incorrect people will know its real)
  6. Starting in hydro and finishing in soil doesn't work. Soil to hydro may. What is it about soil that is so good indoors? It's ok outdoors because there is lots of it. Indoors everything has to be imported. Soil is a good home for microbes, so is perlite.
  7. no i mean actually making a hydroponics in soil. using a 14 dollar airpump rocks and saturated soil. im no nute specialist or anything of that sort but this i do know about. the recovery speed is better than average after pruning. i just stuck my seedling in saturated soil and its thriving cause of the air pump tubes at the bottom of the container
  8. i will not post pics until someone tries it on this thread. i have the perfect plant to show it on the pump and in regular soil. when my dumb homie put it in soil the growth was booboo compared
  9. there was a company making pumps for soil. gateway pump, once they start pumping they forget all about soil. But you have the idea, getting oxygen to the roots. The liquid releases the oxygen as it passes through the soil. I have found that a fabric bag with perlite performs similarly to soil if the grower gives the plant proper nutrition. If I added a pump I would skip the medium altogther and grow dwc.
  10. wait.png Sounds like a hempy bucket with a air pump that many tried 10 years ago , it looked good on paper but they saw no results from it .
  11. i use the medium for better nute feeding. nit professional but personally feel like pumping oxygen through the medium and water moves the nutes around instead of like hydro where u might get one plant getting mire nutes or soil where it might be concetrated roots getting fed. plus i have plug holes at tye botttom for cleaning soil with fresh water. also i feel like the minerals stay fresh with that oxygen puming through
  12. Its called soilponics
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  13. oh i got the idea from some old dude on youtube lol. it works though
  14. It’s also impossible to overwater them... as long as the air pump is running.
    Let me know how it goes dude.
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  15. yea u are absolutely right u cant suffocate them and ur roots will never ball up . you will have roots neear the surface. thats how well -spread the air is. and it works great. i grew some blue monkey and the stems were nice and thick man. when i pruned and topped its like i did nothing to them, how fast they grew
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  16. (look at bottom up)
    3pic 2 and a half weeks
    4pic 7 or 8 days later
    2 pic 5 days later
    1 pic is an example of how slow my growth was in the regular soiled compared to my technique.

    plant is crazy looking because i trusted someone else to prune and top but the nigga took about 4 colas off never again

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  17. Looks like the guy gave it a short back and sides lol, looking sweet though
  18. I agree. That is how I started in hydro. Just keep things moving. There are many ways many growers come up with to accomplish it. My thing is I don't like pumps. But if you are going to break down and buy a pump, then the sky is the limit. Hard to imagine a world where there is always a constant supply running down the mountain. I think you will find it is the moving nutrient rather than the soil that makes things click. But I agree with your thinking. Beats most of the crazy ideas I come up with. You could check out hempy buckets and bubble buckets and compare to get some ideas. I forget the guys name on youtube, but he started out selling a container with soil and a pump in it and it was kind of a creepy cool looking thing. Apparently didn't work very well for pot. He sells diffusers now.
  19. yea thats why i use plug holes at the bottom to clear out my old water. its like having hydro and a option of soil growth. but yea i just use a small pump and coil tye tube at the bottom after i cut holes in it then melt the tip of the tube together at the end. then the air last soooo long in the container. and the roots grow like a fool. had that same plant in a gas station 44 oz cup in four days my gallons clear water container was full. then the taste is better because its still in soil
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  20. and also i got my pump for 14 dollars

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