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Great Head Shop in SF Bay/Sac Area

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by keno, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, as the title says I'm looking for a head shop with good selection and great prices. The only two that are near me are charging twice as much as most places online, but I'd rather not order online if I can avoid it. I'm specifically looking for bongs, RooR, Illadelph, etc. Thanks everyone.
  2. Big Al's in Berkeley is great, so is Whelan's. there are a bunch of good ones in San Francisco, i'm sure someone here can tell you the names.
  3. dude, go to haight street hella shops, most with great prices. More specifically Cole street smoke shop (Cole street & haight street) i got a thick fancy ccg pipe with sooo many colors and shit,.......$35.......great deal, if i can find pics ill post 'em, but it died like 2-3 months ago.
  4. I'm looking to get a piece that has at least one perc in it, maybe two, an ash catcher, and diffuser with glass thickness of at least 5mm. Do they sell stuff like that at Cole st smoke shop?
  5. Check out Ashbury Tobacco Center. It is where I work and it is right between an organic grocery store and kid robot..on the block between ashbury and clayton. We recently won "Best of the Bay 2007" for best headshop/smokeshop.

    They have some nice bongs, I have a 2 foot GonG bong with diffusor, 1 perc and ice catcher for 173 in total. There are also Roors, PHXs and other higher end glass bongs that cost over 250
  6. I don't know where they are, but there's like 8 Dementias in California.

    I'd look for one of these if you could.
  7. Yeah, Big Al's is pretty dope. That's where I usually go.
  8. That GonG setup looks pretty legit. I might head over there today. So you work there? Whats your name? Think you could hook a fellow GC'er up with a discount? :smoke:
  9. hey i am working on sunday from 12-8...if i am working in the glass section i will hook you up for sure:hello: id prob give it to you for 140 or 150
  10. Sent you a PM jasonjasonjason.
  11. YEa, they have that stuff there, but i dont think your gonna get a better deal than jason hooking you up lol. Enjoy that, when you get it i want pics!!!! lol and milkshots! :smoke:

    Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner, but you found something anyways lol.

    And jason, that shop you work at is pretty bad ass, but idk about BEST :p:wave:

    But i do know im gonna be walking haight street in about a week or two looking for a new pipe, i may stop by......:)
  12. Hey jason, check your PMs :p. I'll be heading over sometime in the afternoon/evening. Hope to see you there bro.
  13. Shit. I just got a flat tire on the way back from the gym and it's pretty bad. The worst part is that the only place open on Sundays is Costco and they said it'd take six hours to put on a new tire... So I guess I won't be able to make it today. When else do you work this week Jason?

    And sorry for the double post >.<

  14. haha damn...there was like 10-15 different groups of kids that came in looking for a 2 foot glass on glass bong under 200 dollars, I was waiting for ALL of them to be like "oh yeah are you jason?" haha

    anyways i dont work again until friday 12-8
  15. Big Al's is holdin it down in Berkeley!
  16. hey man im in the bay and i've been looking for a a decent priced roor. edit is sold out, do you have roors priced around 200 in stock? if so i will be paying a visit very soon
  17. Just visited SF recently... Good Fella's smoke shop on Haight street is bomb.
  18. my favorite shop in san francisco, by far, is Pager Town. 18th and mission.
    their pipes are great, and as for pipes, they go from 5-15, but 15 dollars gets you alot of pipe.
    this place is all about prices
  19. sams smoke shop, haight

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