Great Game for newbies to learn from.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bigbamboo, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. I found a great game from "Slick Software" called "HighGrow" and it rocks.
    First off, I DO NOT work for them in any way, but I did find it handy in learning how to grow without having to ask a pile of questions.
    Most I knew before, and I thought I could kick ass when I "played".
    This was not the real truth I found out after the first grow.

    Let me explain.
    This program will enable you to grow your "virtual" plants in a grow room.
    You have to soil balance, water, trim and harvest your plants, while keeping the lights and humidity constant.
    Anyways, here is their blurb:

    HighGrow is the world's first simulated marijuana growing program. You can now finally grow your own marijuana plants without constant fear of a visit from your local narcotics branch.
    With HighGrow, you can choose and plant three seeds at any time, and then watch them grow into large, potent marijuana bushes, harvesting them when you feel they have reached their peak potency.

    This educational program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the cannabis plant. You are able to adjust the lighting and water and fertilize, prune, and care for your developing plants while learning more about them at the same time. This shareware version is fully functional but is restricted to a 60 day trial period.

    Note: For mature audiences only.

    I liked that last part.....mature....

    And the address is........

    Now I'm not sure if that will do you so I'll tell you that I found it at ZDnet/SoftSeek under the search title "highgrow" (I had the older version so I knew the name) and I found the page as,10615,66006,00.html
    One way or the other, you should get it to work.
    It's fun and it helps.
  2. I have heard, now this is only a rumor, that a key exists at another site called under the heading of "HighGrow" that will beat the demo restrictions.
    I say it's a rumor, because I NEVER used it, NOR do I promote it's use due to the copywrite laws.
    If you decide to find this key, you do it on your own for your own reasons and neither I nor this message board will be held responsable for your decission.
    I also heard that it REALLY works.
  3. Nobody here at this site would never do anything that might be .......illegal

  4. got the program up and running
    and looks great to sharpen my skills.
    but the site listed above is gone
    and all the cracks that I, (i mean this guy i knew tried, because i would never violate a copyright law) tried were dead
    can anyone help out my pal?
  5. You're telling me that is down....I think not.
    It's still there and running.
    Thing is, it's a little confusing to get it to work.
    I could explain though.
    Under the blurb in yellow "Finally we did it...bla bla bla", you will see some letters A-Z but very faint.
    This is the library.
    click on a letter and the page will open to the program that starts with that letter.
    It's faster to ask the "search" window though, but you have to have the exact name of the program.
    WARNING: lots of ADULT pop-ups will hound you in your visit on every page change. Nothing really raunchy, but if you don't colapse them one at a time, you'll end up with quite a collection. Deal with it and you'll get out with what you need
    good luck and keep us posted if it works or not.
    There is, after all, more than one way to germinate a seed, if you are following me...
  6. worked like a charm. the site must have been down momentarily yesterday.
    thanks for the info.
    -hit it
  7. You can cheat the program by changing the time on your pc ahead by a month or whatever.
  8. Sounds like a great idea for a game. I'm probably going to check it out since I will be growing for the first time soon. I just have one question about the game.. Can you speed up time in the game? Or is it just like real life you have to take care of your plants once a day? Would be cool if you could skip the down time.

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