Great explanation from a great comedian (BILL HICKS)

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - A Possitive LSD Story on The News - Bill Hicks on Drugs[/ame] Tell me what ya think?
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    just coming down from an acid trip, i have to agree because i was just thinking the same thing. "we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively"

    all of the time people were saying that you are your own God, and i can see it. i will try to elaborate on this when i get back from work
  3. Nice, looking forward to that explanation, I totally agree with you and I love reading up on such theories...errr....realities.... ahahaha

    officially subscribed to see what ya gotta say :p:smoking:
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    haha nah im actually Adeist. i have my theories, but at the same time i dont fully believe them.....but i just felt like it was real, but since im Adeist i still dont totally believe it.

    anyway though, through Acid i have found my true self. I have discovered ever since my first trip that music was me, and I was music....therefore I am the God of music.

    i was caught up in college trying to go for the regular 9-5 whack ass office job and just do music on the side because i didnt think that i could make it successfully. after trippin, it opened a new pathway to my lyrics in terms of skill, and i feel like i gained confidence because of it (i never had much of it).

    this made me realize that this is what i SHOULD be doing, instead of what others or "the system" encourages. i think that society can mold you into what it wants you to be without you even knowing it. therefore, you need the find the true inner you in order to unlock the God that you are by stripping these fake layers off of you.

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