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Great Deals

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kush cookies, May 29, 2013.

  1. Not done a thread in a while thought I'd give it a go... Just wondering what's the best deal you have ever had (bud wise) I wanna hear some mega steals! I can remember my best was pickin up off some random geeza under a bride when a ol' lady pulled up on a push bike proper basket on the front n ahh thing, she handed him a lot of what appeared to be gram bags (£10 a g round here) I bought 5 gram bags off him got home weighed it out at 10.7g the old lady must of been on somthing strong to make a mistake like that I was waiting for the phone call to say "shit dude we gave you double" but it never came was some banging cheese aswell I was one mo fuckin happy bunny!
  2. One time I bought an eighth for 40 dollars :( East coast

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  3. I once got 16 grams of dank that had been compressed into a brick for shipping for 20 bucks! :hello:
  4. Nothing crazy to write home about but one of the better deals I got was buying 10+ gs of shake and lil popcorn buds of some sour d at cost ( like 30 bucks!) I was pretty stoked. Ordinarily hate shake but the SD had almost no leaves and was mostly just small tiny buds

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  5. Ouch, but I bet it got the job done. ;)

    I got an oz from my guy once for free cuz he bought an auto trimmer but didn't know how to use it and it destroyed the buds. It was great smoke it just looked mangled... Lol

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  8. Ounces of decent bud for $80-$100 each didnt need anything more then a little trim job to be a good smoke
  9. my mate won £10,000 on the lottery once and bought all his stoner friends an 1/2 ounce to celebrate haha! 
  10. Sick nice to hear some killer deals! The high feels just that bit sweeter when you got a total steal on the weed :D
  11. a few years ago a was in mendo helping out a buddy with his 100 plant harvest.  after a month of trimming we were collecting out pay out and getting ready to leave when he grabs my arm and takes me back into his trailer and told me not to tell anyone and gave me a half lb of hash pressed flat and round like a vinyl record.  
    that was a pretty good deal.

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