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  1. A great story. So today me and my best bud rolled a nice blunt and took some bong tokes. After watching My Chiefs Beat the 49ers today I was already happy. So we went outside to enjoy nature. Rolled up a J smoked and just laid in an empty field and starred at the sky it was insane. So walking back to my house we saw a guy throwing out boxes of Doritos Blazin Buffalo and Cool Ranch Doritos. We asked whats wrong with em and he said Nothing just we had an overshipment and I had to get rid of some, so he gave us 3 boxes which = about 20 bags of Doritos. So when I got home I found my Gamestop package On the Porch. It was Halo Reach must of missed it on Saturday. So we were Smoking another J eating Doritos Playing Halo and Drinking some Monsters. Which We Got 2 4 packs to begin the day. All around my day was pretty good, Right Now Im watching Sportscenter and rolling up One More J. How was your day?
  2. haha
    you must have done something right because karma was on your side today
  3. haha I don't Know man, But those Doritos Were the best. :D

    BTW-Nice Avatar I love Wiz Khalifa.
  4. Damn brother, you got lucky today, haha.

    Cheers to that
  5. Yea Man!!!

    Off Topic--I just recently got the Sublime Sun tattooed On My Chest. (noticed your avatar).
  6. I got that inked on me last year, good stuff man.
  7. I dunno how our chiefs won... They suck haha
  8. I Don't Know Man, But We are improving. Our Defence Was Inmressive.

  9. Jesus, the grammar police are going to have to call the feds in on this one.
  10. Sorry about that misspellings, My keys can stick sometimes. Or I just type too fast and make mistakes.

  11. My defence is pretty Inmressive as well, how Inmressive is your Defence?

  12. Haha I'm just messing with you bro!
    :yay: :bongin: :metal: :laughing: :smoke: :smoking: :bongin: :cool:
  13. Hahaha. I see you play guitar man. I slap the bass haha.:hello:

  14. I actually play bass,
    the one in my profile pic is an Ibanez acoustic bass,
    and the one in my sig is an Epiphone Les Paul bass that i'm gonna buy soon
  15. Very Nice. I recently invested in a Dean Razorback Bass, I also got a Fender Jazz Bass at a Yard Sale For 40 bucks. Only thing is it needed some new paint.
  16. 40 bucks?! thats really cheap, im pretty jealous

    I'm also jealous of your 20 bags of doritos hahah
  17. Haha Yea. I guess thats pretty good I live near A Frito Lay Employee.;)
  18. FFFUUUUUUCKKKK i've been following halo for a long time but still haven't played reach
  19. sounds like an awesome day, lets hope my day tomorrow is as good as this.
  20. i love doritos!!!! so much!!!

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