great day but got booked in the end .. **STORY**

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. alright i met up with my friend (CHRONIK-JUDGE on the forums) he piked a quad up at like 1 and i rolled a 2 G J for the both of us and he rolled a shitty .5 inch shit j .. so we go into the forset and start blazing .... the weed was GREAT i was high after 2 hits of the shit .... so we blaze the j and we leave and start wondering around and jus chillen and walking randomly ... then we blaze his small j and the remaining of the 2 G j .... so were high as shit and literally walked around for about 3 hours just wandering around and we were LOST as shit i had no clue were we were and neither did he .. after a while we went to my house (my parents are strict about it and are against smoking) they didnt notice we were high and went upstairs chilled played some gta sa and ate some biscuits and shyt after that my parents sayed that they are going out for about 1 hour and a half .. so when they left we made a homemade gravity bong and it gave the STRONGEST hits eva .. (were both daily smokers) and the bong literally made CHRONIK-JUDGE almost puke frum one hit .... it was CRAZY ... he took 1 hit and i took 2 hits ... (1 bowl = a hit) and then we were like too highh to be true we didnt notice the time pass by and we looked stonned as shit and our eyes where RED as shit .. so i see ma rents come home and i am parranoid and i make chronik-judge leave ... he leaves and i go take a shower and i went to bed (it was about 7 pm) then my rents see chronik-judge cant walk straight and see that i went to sleep and start thinking that we did something .. and after i woke up (still stonned eyes still red) my rents ask me wtf is the matter wid me and why my friend was so fucked up when he went home .. so i tell em we didnt do anything but they didnt belive me .. and they told me my eyes are red and my temperature was high (i had a 72.3 celsius degrees fever) does weed give you fevers sometimes ????? ... anywaes so yeah they thaught was trippin on e... then i told them we smoked weed and they still didnt belive me and thought i did EXTACY or something else that is not weed .... i convinced them this morning when i was sober and everything that we only did weed but there styll pissd we did that :(

    and now i am looking for info to proove to ma dad that weeed is almost HARMLESS
  2. If you have a 72.3 Celsius (162.14 Fahrenheit) temp, I think you have other issues to worry about :p

    But hah, interesting story
  3. Yeh good day..I smoked more that night..
  4. question .... can weed make you get a feever .. cuz i had a feever yesterday .. not really high but still a fever .... is that from too much stonnery ? :smoking:

    ps. ima fine now ... it was only yesterday after i smoked and i dont think the weed was laced our dealers a cool guy he doesent play dat
  5. I don't think so. Maybe you were just a little hot, because pot increases your heart rate? That's just a guess, but it's all I can think of. :p

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