great chance hook up (question about xanax prices)

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 22, 2006.

  1. i was driving up to the gas station to get a blunt and this black dude flagged me down while i was stopped at an interesection.

    he had run out of gas and asked if i could give him any money. i said yeah and gave him like $2 worth of change i had in the center console. i told him i'd give him a ride to the gas station.

    on the way i mentioned i was going to by a blunt and he asked if i wanted some xanax. i said alright. he sold me 3 footballs for $5.

    is this a good deal?

    each pill was blue tinted an had the inscription "G 3721".

    i google'd it and confirmed that they are legit 1mg pills

    but i really wanted to know if i got a good deal or not.
  2. 5 bucks a pill isn't bad, but i would never buy from some random creep.
  3. if you read correctly it was 3 pills for 5 bills, equaling 3 mg's, which is more than a usual 5 dollar 2mg "bar"
  4. ah this is true
  5. it is correct, i paid $5 for 3mg. so i guess that's a good deal? what is it usually, $5/1mg?

    is 3mg enough to get me feeling good?
  6. Yea, xanax usually goes for $4 for 2mg, $5 tops. He gave you $1 break.

    EDIT: My first time I took 4mg and was set. 3 should be good
  7. yea 3 should be alright... it really isn't that fun of a drug unless your doing some other shit to. and you got a good deal.
  8. i'm gonna smoke a big blunt of good mids w/it. will i have a good time?
  9. haha um yes
  10. idk about where you are but xanax havnt been in big supply for a while, 2 mg sell for 5, so ya 3 footballs for 5 is a good deal. Your not gonna rmeember a thing though.
  11. Yeah that sounds like a pretty good deal, shoulda given them to you for free in return for the ride/gas money but w/e. Yeah 3 mg is def enough for a good time. Addin more drugs to the mix will erase even more from your memory but still gonna be fun.
    Enjoy what will be a hole in the calendar!

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