Great Britain, England or United Kingdom?

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    So this has been bugging me for a long time. So England is a country, right? Competitions are for countries against countries so why is it that often in athletic tournaments England becomes Great Britain and everyone on the island can play in their team whether he is from Wales or some other little country on the island? That's the case in the Olympics or athletic tournaments, right? Then why does England play separately in soccer tournaments like the World Cup? What factor decides if they will play as an island or as a country? Can they play the next World Cup as Great Britain if they simply decide to do so? And are there laws that say that whole islands or united kingdoms can play as one country? And how are these kingdoms united when they are separate countries? And if we can say that the United Kingdom is one kingdom - how does it consist of several other separate Kingdoms? Or is England the only Kingdom? And if only England is a kingdom then how can we say that the whole island is a United Kingdom when only part of it is a Kingdom? Sorry if I exploded your brain but this shit is incredibly annoying to me and I gotta know the answers lol.
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    lots of questions, I'll try to answer them. I've taken the liberty of numbering to stay on track

    1. yes
    2. this question is a bit difficult to understand, but england is in great britain but not all of great britain is in england. Wales is also part of Great britain
    3. I dont really know shit about soccer, the world cup consists of all the teams I think, including england/GB
    4. couldnt tell you honestly
    5. I think they usually mark them as Great Britain(England) in brackets.
    6. not sure, dont live there
    7. its one kingdom, but different countries. honestly just think of it as the US. just change countries with states and kingdom for country.
    8. England is basically the HQ for the kingdom.
    9. I believe they use the same money and shit, again this is a weird question.

    maybe this will help clear a few things up better.
    the UK consists of Great Britain(Scotland and England), Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    someone actually from the british isles might actually be able to answer/clear up any mistakes I've made
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    [ame=""]This [/ame]link is pretty good.
  4. As much as this guys explains it thoroughly in the video above - it still makes no sense. So confusing.
  5. I'm English but I have no idea haha. Or am I British!? ;)
  6. lol, yeah me too - that smartarse american in the video had to explain it to me :smoke:
  7. England woop

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