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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MagicGuy, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. I hate to ask this question, considering that I've been smoking for four years, so I should probably know the answer to this. But, what is a grazil? This is a new term, even for me...I was offered dro for $15 a grazil -- I didn't wanna be like "what's a grazil?"

    Probably a retarded question, but I'm baked now neways haha :D
  2. I'm guessing grazil is slang for gram. Never heard of it though. Maybe it's kinda like the forshizzle my nizzle thing.
  3. Yeah, that's all I can think of, slang for gram. Sounds like a deal...
  4. grazil eh...

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  5. lol, that's a gazelle HEHEHE
  6. you sure about that? it looks like a grazil to me. a thompsons grazil to be exact
  7. LMAO bud stuffer!!!
  8. I wanna buy a gazzel.
  9. a friend/dealer of mine is pretty fluent with "ebonics" (lol) and he always tells me hes got some sticky grizzle

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