Gravy <3's shampoo

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. clean n shiny! :D soft n silky...
  2. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    you don\'t even know about smooth...:D

    an soo fresh an soo clean.... :p

    plus who else has a joint smoking shark?

  3. 对不起!
    ill make pretend I didnt hear that!

    do you see chinese symbols?
  4. LMAO!

    I saw the title... \"Gravy <3\'s shampoo\" and immediately thought that meant that Gravy...well, you know...some guys use shampoo, right? ;)

    :D Gravy <3\'s shampooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! OH OH OoooooooooooooooooOOOOH!!!
  5. \"conndittion is beettah.. i go on seccond and leave the hair silky... and smooooth\"
  6. So, this thread is really about shampoo and conditioner for your hair??? On your head? Hmm...I have a dirty mind, I guess! :p

    I don\'t even have a shark..much less a j smoking one. :(
  7. yeah actually it was....

    i was talking about how girls shampoo smells really good... and that iw asn\'t afraid to admit that i use it... :D

    Lilithium (12:35:09 PM): ahhh i <3 shampoo
    sensimil (12:35:19 PM): haha!

    i was talking about chillen in the shower high as hell and full....

    and why would you use shampoo for anything like....:::ahem::: that.... when you get somethin slippery just designed fer..... :p
  8. lol. what a thread :D

    btw. shampoo kicks ass!

    herbal essence :D

  9. yum yum..... :p

    i was talkin bout the open bottle of pantiene pro v in my shower... hey it smells hella good an makes everythikng all smooooooth an shiny.....:D

    speaking if gettin naked...
  10. I felt the need to make an apperance :D

  11. naked???? :D sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry haha

    my hair is all hard now cause of nasty ass gell....time to washy....:p

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rrrrrarrrrrrr haha

    an why not an apperance...tis always a good thing.....
  12. *w00t* sensi made an appearance!

    mmm... pantine

    vo5\'s fruitsations kicks ass too :D
  13. i just got a few hunderd little bottles of thie garneir fructious stuff... little green tester bottles... at the end of the concert i just grabbed a box that they didnt pass out and it was totaly full... itl last me a while.. and it smells nice!
  14. My housekeeper makes all my hair care products herself. I\'ve been using what she makes me for the past 20 years. They\'re all natural botanicals that she grows out behind the guest house. I no longer inquire as to the ingredients of the products. I trust her. My hair has never been softer or shinier. I think I\'d be lost without Hosanna (that would be my housekeeper). She also procures some of the finest herb I\'ve ever put to my lips. That\'s another thing I never question her about.

  15. sounds awsome man, does she also have a sister in the industry???? :D

    i could gooo for some all natural.....soap an smoke....:p
  16. I\'m rocking the Garnier Fructisse (sp?) this week. Ahhh...shampoo. (and conditioner ;))
  17. I use nothing but Paul Mitchell products on my hair. I actually got to meet him about 3 years ago in NYC. He cut my hair. How cool is that?! I don\'t think I could use any other product now! He\'s got me hooked!
  18. my friend works at bed and bath and gets me a discount so I get my schwag there
  19. dig it ...i love sheer blond!!!!

    but i suplement with pantine.....

    cant use the same shit to long ...your hair builds up a tolerance to chemicals....

  20. i know what you mean... cause i use gell and hair spray and what not.....:p it gets nasty sometimes...sooooo to keep things goin good...all ya gotta do is get that neutrogena clean stuff... its a clear shampoo made to get rid of that nasty build up, works good... hair feelssssss goood afterwards....

    we got new coconut stuff in the shower now, i smell cocoliscious all day long.... :D

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