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  1. Man....I was chillin at my buddies house after work and he smokin out of his bong and I knew I still had to drive home so I only hit it like 3 times. It wore off in the couple hours I was there and when I got home I smoked another joint I got from the lady I work with and that shit was GOOD. I managed to walk back to my room and I was chillin in my computer chair and could feel the gravity pulling me down. I had my head leanin back and I was imagining riding roller coasters and different fair rides and I could feel the different directional Gs. Then I laid down and I had drank a couple drinks and the gravity was makin my stomach a lil uneasy, but I slept so good last night. I barely made it up in time for work....which is where I'm heading now. Peace
  2. I know what you mean. When I wake and bake before school, on the bus I usually listen to my iPod and close my eyes. The bus rolling around feels so god damn intense. By the time I get to school I feel so god damn stoned. It's great.
  3. The bus eh?
  4. Awww man that shit reminds of Dramamien I always get so fuckin heavy and feel like I cant move bad news
  5. ha, i used to do that the first couple times i got stoned i would be laying in bed and pretend that i was on a rollercoaster. it was fun as fuck.
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