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  1. How fucking terrifying would that be?
    You are in Space. Free floating in nothing. No sound. Your either waiting to die of asphyxiation, hunger, or impact with space debris. It blows my mind and I'm totally seeing that shit on Saturday
  2. Imagine seeing that stoned? That could be a really cool or really horrifying experience.
  3. I just saw it stoned in 3D. It was incredible. The 3D made seeing a space scene a lot more realistic (not that I've been to space). I highly reccomend it.
  4. I came here specifically to see if anyone else saw it stoned and if it blew their minds as well, haha
  5. I'm going to this movie tonight (3D) and I'm definitely going stoned!
  6. I just saw it and HOLY FUCK IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOOOD! I thought it was so neat how they were able to keep the story going even though there was only 2 characters in the whole movie total. SPOILER: George Clooney dies!
  7. Saw this opening day. This movie has me going crazy thinking about what space is actually like. It's something most of us will never ever experience. Highly reccomend seeing this Movie after a few blunts on the car ride there.

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