Gravity Vortex help - too harsh to smoke

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  1. I recently took the plunge and spent $100 on a 2 foot plastic vortex. I've watched the videos on how to use it and place in some fine ingredients, but once I try and inhale the smoke tastes terrible and is too harsh to be enjoyable. I cash the bowl about halfway through. Is there any special technique I should know about? I vape this stuff all day long and it normally tastes really good. Thanks for the help!
  2. It may be what you are smoking.

    Remember gravity smoke is much fatter. My suggestion is to pack smaller bowls until your lungs build up smoke tolerance.
  3. Also: If your too used to vaping, your lungs will not take bong hits very well. My bet is that you have overly pampered lungs, WHICH IS GOOD, but makes it harder to take hits. You'll just need to get used to the resiny smoke.
  4. I too own a vortex, quite the ride. Best thing is to pack medium sized bowls, prime it just a little then turn the valve and let the water release, finally put your mouth over the top and cover the carb, once you've got a good draw going release the carb and it'll shoot straight into your lungs

    Love the Vortex
  5. ive got a vortex and the only thing wrong with it is that the smoke is too SMOOTH. basically the hits are way too small for me, but w/e. I dont use it much.
  6. Dont own one my self but my buddy does.

    Have you ever tryed flipping it upside down and kind of "chugged" the hit. Thats an easy way to describe what it looks like. If you do that be prepared... you get retarded
  7. i got a vortexxx mine always hits extremly smooth might be what your smoking
  8. i had a green vortex and i am very glad i sold it. its cool how it hits but its very harsh to hit, and the smoke tastes bad. i smoke everyday and i have a high tolerance and it doesnt make a difference. i would recomend using colder water and dont let the bud in the bowl get pulled through.
  9. Im not too familiar with Bongs, but im guessing your lungs arent used to such hard hits since u use a vaporizer

  10. i smoke a bong almost every day as well. i usually vaporize in the morning and then smoke a bong later in the day. i smoke about 1.5-2 grams a day.

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