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  1. Hello forum fleas,
    First post here. I am looking for any feedback on the Emerald Triangle Product Gravity. This Emerald Triangle company is shady at best, the Companies website is all kinds of suspicious. They have only three products that I am aware of (those listed in this thread title). I have a friend who uses the Bushmaster on his diesel with great results, In my opinion Diesels and Kushes are MUCH easier to grow with this product. It has been suggested that Bushmaster is nothing more than Paclobutrazol, and all indications seem to point in this direction. As far as Purple Maxx is concerned some theorize that its merely a blend of amino acids, my research lead me to believe that it's a vegetable color enhancer borrowed from the commercial agriculture community.

    This brings me to my actual question, What the heck is Gravity? I have used it before and have had very good results. Also If anyone out there has any practical experience with Gravity that would be great!

    Please spare me the hippie "it's not organic" bull shit, If you're thinking this ask yourself if you really into bodly health that much? Chances are your diet consists of nothing as wholesome as organic vegetables fruits and free range chickens. Also chances are that your consumerist lifestyle is as polluting the planet faster than a small bottle of plant food can. Chances are that your full size SUV that gets 8 miles to the gallon is fueling the war on oil and polluting the air, so don't me the "dude, I only smoke organic stuff" BS. LOL, forgive my tangent I may have digressed, but if anyone has used gravity please post your experience thanks:)
  2. I understand Gravity to be a complete source of Vitamin B1, B6, B12, and some kelp. I've heard Superthrive B1 isn't good in flowering because of the hormones it has within it.

    I'll be interested in hearing what others has to say.
  3. .75% ascophyllum Nodosum extract
    .01% Thiamine Hydrocloride (b1)
    .01% Riboflavin (b2)
    .02% Niacin (b3)

    They also state on the bottle "sometimes better results are obtained by adding 2 tablespoons of molasses per 25 gallons of water"

    I have used B vit, supplements and Ascophyllum Nodosum extract and these alone will NOT cause the disaster effects that can result from an overdose of Gravity. Has anyone ever seen that a gravity toxicity looks like? It's as if the stomata themselves erupt. Pore sized damage yellow to orange in color, its unique I have never seen a toxic reaction quite like it!

  4. This is correct. I use it all the time with excellent results. The ingredients are exactly as mentioned.

    And welfare mom, why would you overdose you plants with Gravity in the first place? It's so expensive???
  5. LOL, it's very easy to overdo it with this stuff. A friend of mine overdosed not me, I have however had very small damage from it. On the bottle it says to raise your lights to help prevent this, and then MEAN it. Outdoors its good to use it on an overcast day, but friends tell me its less sensitive. I have a large med garden that I intend to use it on so I don't want to have any ill effect.

    The cost, not that bad. I got 2 (1quart) bottles for $75. Thats enough to dose my 25 bathtube sized holes twice. It goes mush further indoors.

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