Gravity, Inertia, Zero point energy and Quantum Vacuum

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. That might have come in handy when i was taking physics :eek:
  2. that stuff will probably take up a good little bit of my time now.
  3. damn toosicks, i love you man! hahah

    i have a huge book im reading right now all about this shit. i love physics, always have. just read through 2 of the articles there, and ill be reading through just about all of them in the next couple weeks.

    thanks alot man. keep up with all this interesting stuff!
  4. Now if i can only figure out how to apply the principles of zero point energy and quantum vacuum to a bong, i'll have the world's only "Antigravity" bong!

  5. i dunno about an antigravity bong, but a vacuum bong might be different......

    creat a vacuum inside the chamber and slowly release a valve on the stem to draw in air until the vacuum releases... then inhale:D

    now i gotta go buy one o dem food sealers and try that out:D

    superstring theory? sounds like it....
  6. hahah, that took me over 2 hours to finish, i kept getting distracted, but it was a cool read. i dont fully understand all the concepts, but its still really interesting too me.

    I figure anything i dont understand now, will get explained by something i learn later on in life, so its good to fill yourself with all the knowledge you can!

  7. oh how true that is, it always feels good when I have one of those 'epiphany' styled feelings where a certain concept just makes sense.
  8. wow, this is an old thread. I've spent many hours reading and rereading that website. You know Stargate now talks about Zero Point theory. It's nifty to see shows using real theories and not screwing it up too bad.

  9. man, thats like the 5th stargate refrence this month related to something im interested in. I think i should watch this show.

    I know this is an old post, but I came across a really good post from TooSticKs (they all are) so i decided to use that 'illusive' search button, and search for other posts he's done. Im blown away by that guy..(in a non gay way..haha) :p
  10. nice i like this
  11. << is a physics major

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