Gravity falls/bongs bad for you

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  1. Just a general question are falls bad for you in terms of ways to smoke? I been smoking falls for about 1/half years as my main source of took for getting baked. I use to roll blunts and shit but that's a waist of weed imo I can take like 7 or 8 falls and be straight for about 2 or 3 hour. So I'm just wondering should I switch to something els? The only issue is where I live I don't got a tobacco shop close by so I can't go get a bong and shit. So is there any better ways to save weed and get really high like a gb kit? Because Idk I feel like after a year and half of gbs it might start to be getting bad for my health. Thanks again.

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  2. you mean like from a homemade 2ltr bottle with a tin foil bowl?
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    It's a lot of harsh smoke at once unfiltered and if you're using aluminum foil it's definitely not good for you... I'd save up and buy an affordable bong with an ice catcher, it doesn't have to be expensive or huge and it hits so much smoother.

    Edit: It sucks there's not a single smoke shop by you. You can order online, literally any bong will be an upgrade. Gravity and waterfall bongs are harsh, and depending on what you use for a screen/bowl, it can be very bad for you health wise. When it comes to the best bang for your buck and without buying an actual bong, you're getting the most out of it THC wise compared to rolling or using/making a bowl. It sounds like you're fine with smoking that way for now but it's worth it to buy an actual piece and you won't have to hover over a bucket or sink to smoke.
  4. You can buy some pretty slick bongs for like $25. You can goto any store and get an amazon gift card and order away!
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  5. I don't know if it's bad for you, probably won't be much worse than a regular bong. If you want to stop using your gravity bong so much you could smoke a couple gravity bongs then chill and smoke a joint or blunt

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  6. gravity bongs fuck my lungs up, no more. i knew a kid that got pneumonia and almost died form it, but he had ashtha that he wasnt taking care of so idk
  7. Hey, not a bad idea with the Amazon gift card idea

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  8. Hey OP, the best way for healthily smoking on a regular basis is without question to VAPE. It conserves your stash and is much better for your lungs. Check out the magic flight launch box, or the “mflb appreciation” thread here on Grasscity . You can order it and have it sent to you by mail, it is just an “herb vape/vaporizer” and it can be shipped
    Good luck

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