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  1. ok so what do you think

    imagine if you can findout how fast the world is spinning.

    now imagine being able to enter the earths orbit at that speed or even faster

    so now you are in earths orbit but traveling faster than the speed of the earth spining constantly around the earth but not going anywhere to the human eye.

    It would be like stoping time.

    I dont know where im going with this
  2. Time can never be stopped. Never. Time is a man made invention. Time is only made to measure, well time. It started with the sun. the sun rises every 'day'. so people started to count these periods of 'time.' Life is a series of events and u cant change what happened. its impossible. sorry to burst your bubble. but thats what i think
  3. Yes That is why I said it would be like stoping time
  4. it would be like stopping the person moving since as far as i can tell time exists within our minds like lost said, but if you doubled the thought processes in that persons mind and gave them the ability to gauge their own thoughts they would be able to slow down time for themselves at will kind of like Neo in the matrix
  5. What the F is this thread about??? If you came flying through the atmosphere at any speed you would be moving and people would be able to see that. You would not seem to be floating in one spot. You would not have disrupted time at all(it is just an idea, and is not subject to outside forces).
  6. lol, it's all theorhetical and changes depending on the perspective and semantics. Stop acting like physics have a set of static laws thccrystals, lol
  7. Theory and law are two different things. Is it safe to assume you were joking Krazy?
  8. If you mean you're orbiting at a speed where you seem to hover above the same spot on the earth, then that's called geosynchronous orbit, which means you're 22,236 miles miles above the surface. That's the orbital distance where an objects period (time it takes to complete one orbit around something) equals 24 hours.
  9. hmmmmm... like if you were in a ship and you and the earth would be traveling in opposite directions...

    might work... but does time move in the same directons than the earth you understand?
  10. First of all...Gren: I've said it before and will say it again.Time moves in the fourth dimention!!! Got nothing at ALL to do with earth's rotation.

    We do know how fast earth rotates. Equator is 40.000 km of length (yes my friends who don't know the metric system: It's EXACTLY that long, that's what this system is based on), so the earth spins at 40.000 km/day.

    If ya were spinning constantly around the earth but not going anywhere to the human eye, it would be like standing on a really tall building. No big deal at all. Sorry to ruin your thread, but it would definitively not feel like stopping time...

  11. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that.

  12. I was referring to the first post on this thread. You fly way up above the earth at a bit higher speed than earth rotation. In other words, you will always fly at the same angle to earth. Thus it would look like ( from the ground) you were standing still ( hope I understood this right, :::===? Wasn't that the big issue?). I think that was the big question. That would be like standing on a tall building.
    Actually, if you calculate a bit, you will find, that everything on the ground will move at 40.000 km/day. But if you get to higher ground, you will find yourself moving faster because the radius from the earth core is longer, thus the circle is bigger while it all still rotates one full round in 1 day. But that's just me ramblin on
  13. Also the earth's rotation is steadily slowing down from the moon's tidal force. The earth's greater mass long ago put the moon in tidal lock (same side always facing the earth), and since the moon's gravitational influence on the earth is much more subtle, it's been doing it to the earth at a much slower rate. This increases the length of a day by about 2 milliseconds per century. 900 million years ago there were 481 18-hour days in a year.

    To add to what Mr. Skinner said, the earth's rotation has as much to do with time as the motion of a clock's hands. It's just a pattern people use to measure its passage.

  14. Wouldn't it depend on how great the object which is being orbited's gravity is? Because if we were to orbit a planet with a greater mass then earth, I'm sure the height from the surface we would have to be in order to orbit it in 24 hours would be greater because the larger planet would have a stronger gravitational pull. Sorry if it didn't make sense I'm a little high...but that's how I understood it.
  15. That's correct, but the particular distance I stated just applies to the earth. So we're both right...
  16. Oh aight, gotcha :)
  17. Alright I will say again with more detail.

    You are in space outside of the earths orbit.
    You are in some type of ship or somthing and you project your ship in to the same direction the earth is spinning and at the same speed of the earth spiining.

    So now you are traveling in to the earth past the orbit into the atmosphere and you are travelling at a greater speed than the earth in the same direction as the earth.

    So now it would look as if you were not going anywhere or you would be moving very slowly but you are just spinning faster than the earth.

    I think now at this point time would stop for you or it would speed up not like time on a clock but time as in how old a person is like I think maby you would stop aging and all sorts of other thing might be possibal.
  18. The passage of time has nothing to do with the rotation of the earth.

    -The earth has only existed for the past 1/3 of the universe's existance.

    -The earth rotates because of the way that raw material of the early solar system clumped together. Also, very early in it's existance, it got smacked a mean one by a Mars-sized protoplanet, which shattered the earth and created the moon. This probably added a substancial amount of spin as well. So it's rotation isn't related to its orbital mechanics, which aren't related to the passage of time, anyway.

  19. So then what is my destiny

  20. I personally don't believe the Universe has a beginning, which is suggested in this quote. It just always was and is and will be.

    Guitar dude, you can't stop the aging process by flying in a ship and what you are typing isn't making any sense at all, no offense.

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