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gravity bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. I've been smoking for a good while but I have yet to smoke out of a gravity bong. And to tell you the truth, I don't quite understand the concept from what I've read. Can anyone explain them and an easy way to make one?
  2. alright gravity 101

    milk jug or 2 litter pop bottle

    fill bucket with water
    cut off bottom of milk jug( like making a hooter for knifers)
    put bowl on top of milk jug where the cap is or where the cap would go
    make sure its air tight, cept where the weed is, very important
    put the milk jug in water just so the top is out of the water, dont get it wet
    put a bowl in the bowl and turn on the lighter
    slowly bring the milk jug out of the water, so the jug fills with smoke
    when its prety full and about an inch is still under water, take the bowl off
    put your moth around the top and drop close to the bucket, so it fill back up with water and the smoke is forced down your throat, works great!!!!!!! jut hard making a bowl that comes off quick, wat i do is put a hole in the lid and make a tinfoil bowl, works great
  3. well....i can give you another one.....what you's call a gravity bong....we call a bucket......a gravity bong in Scotland is a 2 litre plastic bottle with a hole put in it close to the put you're finger over the hole and fill it with tap then put you're gauze with the weed acrosss the open top and as you burn it, you slowly release the water....and the smoke gets taken into the bottle.....take the gauze off of the top and then inhale the smoke from the carefull it's very potent and not for people who can't take a big hit.....Peace out....Sid
  4. I LOVE BUKKETS... milk jugs work good (the ones with the pop off lids). get a metal bowlhead, heat up the stem, pop it through the plastic pop-top of the milk jug (this should keep it pretty air tight... if not tape or melting the lid around the stem a little should). cut the bottom off the jug, set it in the bucket of water until the water's just below the rim. place packed bowl back on the jug (by popping the cap back on), light the weed while slowly pulling the jug out of the water. make sure you go slowly so you get a good milk. when the jug's just about to come out of the water (make sure it doesn't), remove the cap (you can put your hand over the hole to keep smoke from escaping while you get situated), put your mouth over the hole, and take in the hit...

    another way of doing this is called a lung (around here anyway). take an empty bread bag, a 2 litre bottle with the bottom cut off, and tape opening of the bag around the cut off bottom of the bottle. push the air out by pushing the bag inside the bottle. make the bowlhead like a bukket... when you light the weed slowly pull the bag out of the bottle to milk, unscrew the bowlhead, and take the hit... fun stuff

    :) :) :)

  5. What you call a lung....we call a that thing kills me........very potent and fast hitting....Peace out....Sid

  6. i thought this was something that was only really done around here... it's good to see i was wrong :)
  7. yip the rocket or "lung" is done all the way over here in Scotland!!!.....Peace out....Sid

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