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Gravity Bongs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kingmvp420, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hey gc. I recently made a g bong however I'm not quite sure how to user it, how big of a container do you recommend i place it in? Do I let it float on the water, or should I push it down. Also, is there any trick to lighting it? I found it difficult to light because their was no inhalation. Sorry about these nooby questions, ive toked a few yrs just never tried a g bong and heard you can get wrecked from little bud.

    Btw its made of a 2 liter bottle and i melted a socket into it.

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  2. So you push the 2 liter down into the bucket (or whatever you want to use that can cover the 2 liter like 80% with water), then you put the bowl/cap in with one hits worth of your finest bud. Then light and slowly pull the 2 liter up, which will pull smoke into the 2 liter. Keep pulling until there is only about an inch of the bottom of the 2 liter left under water, then unscrew cap/take off bowl, put your mouth on the hole, push down the bottle and inhale. 

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