Gravity bongs. Your first time?

Discussion in 'General' started by iRemix, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I made my first gravity bong today. And as of now, I am higher than I've ever been in my life, lol. Tell me the story of your first experience. :)
  2. Only ever used one when we didn't have a real bong to smoke out of. They're a hassle to use and are one giant unfiltered hit.
  3. First time I made the grav bong I took one hoot, and for like 15 mins I was like "this shit doesn't even work". Then it hit me like a train and I feel asleep, after I just had coffee, at 3 pm :D

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  4. Gravity bong we made sucked ass. I got a mouthful of water my first time. Better than used bong water I suppose.
  5. Never been more high in my life! Mad paranoia on top of that; kinda sucked.

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  6. had a few back in the day that we always seemed to name titanic.. 3 liter soda bottle with a 2 liter inside with a bowl screwed into the cap. that shit would be so milky it appeared yellow and that shit would put you down. i would compare it to taking a nice fat dab.
  7. Smoked a gravity bong first time I ever smoked bud. Sketched out and didn't smoke for like 3 months after that. Then my roommate and I started hitting like 4-5 Gatorade bottle GBs a day because it was all we could smoke in our dorms

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  8. my first time I was picking up from a coworker and we were just chilling at her place and one of her buddies brings this tub and a tropicana bottle out, was really crudely put together but damn it worked...good thing I only lived a few blocks away at the time. I do remember looking at it and...just staring at it, because I was still kinda new and didn't understand how it worked at first. 
    now I have a more permanent grav that I made using one of those jumbo sized mugs and a plastic vacuum cylinder with a custom made top thats kinda like a the bowl in it and just lift it up out of the mug...whole thing fits on the corner of the desk and gives one decent lungful every time.
    IN OTHER NEWS! I ran dry last night and just smoked a buncha small leaf tips I had around that were trimmed off of harvested bud(gotta love gifts right?), all glisteny like powder donuts but only gave a modest high. but back to the story, while talking about my dear lil dolphin (what I call the grav) I just happened to recall passing out late after packing it and hitting it once...its still HALF PACKED!
    \\o/ WOOHOO!
    *Jeopardy music*
    aaand...dry again...DOH
  9. I've had a few experiences with gravity bong's. I made one once after looking it up on youtube or something. It was made from an Aquafina bottle, a Pepsi 2 liter, and a socket. It actually worked really well for something I cooked up on a whim while I was really stoned. I don't like them though. They seem so "high school" to me, and it's just so much easier to just grab a bong. 
    Also, I remember being at a part once and my friend made this ridiculous contraption out of a five gallon water jug and his bathtub. To be honest, I was so drunk and high when I used it that I don't remember much, but I remember one of my friends throwing up after he took a hit.
  10. I cant do bongs...I get sick as hell and throw blunts..i can smoke them all day each his own
  11. Last semester during finals week my buddy made a grav bong.
  12. Craaaaazy. Only hit it twice, but literally couldn't breathe for a minute. Asthma attack kinda feeling (I assume). High as shit with a huge smile I could not get to leave for 2 hours straight then smoked up again and walked/had random bouts of paranoid sprinting back home
  13. i remember the first time i made a waterfall i had a nice size bowl since i was on my way to school and would only get to use it once as i had nothing to catch the water

    musta been a good .5 in there for sure and ya i cleared that little baffle in one shot and marched my ass back home into bed

    theres being high and then being fucked up...i sir got very fucked up haha


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