Gravity Bongs- The Mad Scientist's Tool

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    I see a lot of people here around here seem to prefer traditional ways of smoking-- Bongs, Joints, etc. while I have always preferred a certain way of smoking since it was introduced to me. This method is the Gravity Bong.

    A bong is an object with two holes- one for a down-stem to reach into water in order to percolate, the other to hit it[assuming no-carb].

    A bong fills with smoke, and this is often the most "heavy" way to take a hit. A good bong hit can get even a seasoned smoker from zero to baked.

    A Gravity Bong takes this to a new level-- sometimes criticized as "harsh" by newcomers [I've seen puking!]-- and instead takes the bud you are smoking and converts it right into a hit. No percolation, just thick smoke.

    Does anyone here do these besides myself and my stoney pals? To be honest, all the Gravity Bongs I see are home made. I even have a miniature coffee-table sized one for private use [with a downstem, but I am fancy and wanted percolation] :) If not, I could post a guide on how to make one yourself if anyone is interested!
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    There are a lot of us that do this. it's somewhat mainstream in the smoke world, nothing secret or new. it's personally not my number 1 choice mostly because glass is generally hardly incorporated in ones homemade gravity and we all know that smoking out of anything other than glass would be on the harmful side for our health. so if i were you, i wouldn't expose myself to anything other than glass for an unnecessary period of time. there are glass companies out there that sell 100% glass gravity bongs which i've seen first hand and looks legit... even the bucket is glass, which is cool but you wouldn't really need the glass bucket, what's more important and completely sufficient enough is the 100% glass bottle, bowl, and stem. All which should make for very clean, tasteful and efficient hits. I would assume that if one truly loves the gravity method and is his/hers preferred method of smoking then they will eventually graduate to an all glass gravity. i would hit a glass on glass gravity daily no hesitations or no questions asked. in fact i can't wait to hit one as i've never hit a glass on glass gravity before.

    in the video he pulls the entire "bottle" part out and inhales, I have friends that do that and I have done that as well, but I feel as though and a lot of others i have discussed with this as well feel as thoght that you get more ripped if you inhale by pushing the bottle back down in to the water because it's basically pushing the smoke into your lungs with the force of inertia rather than the force of your lungs inhaling comfortably at it's own pace like that guy in that video is doing.
  3. Gonna have to give this "waterfall bong" a try... :>
    Errrr uhh. Gravity. Fuck I'm baked.
  4. yeah ive seen these all glass gravity bongs at head shops for 60-50 dollars...
    id hit one of those but not a homemade one....
  5. I just smokedsome hash and top shelf tree out of a gravity made in like 3 min. I've only hit a gravity once before. I'm a heavy smoker, and I was high like 5 secods after exhaling. Continued taking more hits and eventually got to now, pretty much the most intense high I've had in a long time.

  6. i'm too lazy right now to even attempt googling a pic and attaching a link of a pictured glass on glass gravity. so until i find the motivation, if anyone can find one and put one here for all to see, that would be cool. they are nice to look at. interesting to look at. :smoking:

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