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Gravity Bongs Getting You Amazingly High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Woodberry, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. So first time posting on this forum guys, Hey. 
    Last night I made a little waterfall bong out of a 1.5 litre and a bowl off my pipe. Ive smoked from these before and i can tell they get you pretty fukd up. But i didnt think it would be like this. I loaded the bowl with about .3 of this nameless bud i got from a mate... i waited til it was yellow smoke then i took a hit. 
    After that first hit i wanted to puke, i packed up my chit and went into my room to feel the high. before i knew it. my vision started to shake and i felt motion sick. daymn from one hit whats up with these bongs. reply with your stories like this


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  2. this one time we cut out the bottom of a gallon jug of juice to use for the gravity bong
  3. Gravity bong is a lot better, smoke doesn't go stale on you. And once I'm high I've got one hard time trying to fill the bottle up again haha.
  4. Can hit so much so fast with these, do one then 5 minutes later you can feel it hit you hard
  5. Just used one earlier today using a 2-liter then stuck it in one of those lid cover things that go over stacks of cds but upside dwn, fit perfectly :smoke:
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    I made one out of a 20oz water bottle last night and it is so awesome. You clear it, then move the weed around in the bowl, then light that bitch again. Most efficient way of getting stoned ever. Burns 3 times for a .25g bowl. Also I saw a glass grav bong at a smoke shop near LSU the other day for $150. I think eventually I'll try to take out a loan for pharmacy tech school during the summer after next spring semester and get a job as a tech (pharmacy cashier atm). Seems like it'll be a good job for a college student to have. That glass grav bong will be one of my first real purchases as someone who actually makes a decent amount of money.
  7. In highschool me anda  couple friends got one of those sparklett water jugs (the huge ones) and turned it into a massive gravity bong.
    We called it the Destroyer.
  8. ^ hahahahahahaha!
  9. Gravity bongs get me too high some times

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  10. Rofl you mean those 25 gallon spring water tanks? That's ridiculous can you even take half of that much smoke?

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  11. I used to have a gravity bong, the same thing happend to me, it's because it's such a concentrated hit your body can't handle it, gravities are much different from bowls, bubblers, blunts, etc. after 4-5 times you get used to it and it becomes a very nice high
  12. yea dude it was so badass wish I still had it but I left it at my house in las vegas when I moved to oregon.
    If u had iron lungs you could do it all in 3 goes, but hence the name destroyer, you will be roasted.
    Actually had a kid puke once from the Destroyer, he took a hit of it, then like 20 minutes later we spark up a blunt and his first hit he pukes everywhere was fucking disgusting and hilarious at the sametime.
    he felt sick to death and had to go home LOL
  13. I made a waterfall bong yesterday and we all got really baked
  14. I can't make one. When I light it I always just torch the weed :-(
  15. I don't get all the buzz about gravity bongs, since the majority don't filter the smoke through the water they are just like a steamroller. I made one a while back that did filter through the water, it was alright but I'd much rather hit an actual glass bong.

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    bro how are you torching the weed? I torch the weed but as long as the water is bring a downward flow and it is taking the smoke it should work
  17. my friend greened out yesterday from one xD
    oh man he was puking all over 
    once smoked like 1.5gs. just straight gravity bong rips every 5 mins. I got hiiigh xp
  18. milk or juice 1 gal jug cut the bottom out. gets you higher and its not as harsh you will get higher but not cough as much. u just put your mouth on the lid opening and push the gal jug down and you dont even have to breath gravity pushes it into your lungs and you can even take it till you get water in your mouth then you know your boss.
    Yeah ive hit em my fair share of times now i just prefer a joint so i dont get that high.
  19. If you make the hole to let the water out smaller, then the suction won't be so great and the weed won't get torched
  20. I use to use the big Hawaiian punch jugs milk em' till it was yellow then cough for an hour ..... go to the bathroom ...gag alil moved on

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