Gravity Bongs get you higher?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by KiefKauf, May 9, 2016.

  1. I've been a smoking weed for a while now and I was just wondering how can I modify a Gravity Bong to make it produce more smoke? or even jsut some cool mods you can do
  2. wow makes me think of getting booted from job corp
    if you set up a flexible tube off of the bottom of yer bowl but spaced past the heat point(how i did this is a old-school 3.5"metal downstem inside the bottle screw'd thru the lid with the bowl obviously on top) then put foodgrade heatsafe vinyl tubing(like outta a soda fountain)on the bottom of the downstem make it 2 to 3 inches longer than the full pull action on yer unit now i used a ocean fishing float (so it wont sink too deep)1" from end of tube and a leadless foodgrade 1/8 oz sinker on the exact end of the tube to hold the tube down into the water thus is bubbles

    also try setting your whole unit in a bigger bowl fulla ice water 20 min before smokin
  3. Get a bigger bottle to hold more smoke and buy a bigger socket to hold more weed = You Getting Higher
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