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Gravity Bongs - are they efficient?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Nugzz, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Me and my girlfriend both used a gravity bong for our first time last night. After we were all done we felt twice as stoned, using half as much green.

    So my question is: Are gravity bongs more efficient than normal bongs? And if so, why don't more people use gravity bongs?
  2. yes more effcient, i used to use one....but its easier to just pack a bowl
  3. Lets just say 2-3 bowlpacks of good bud will have you on your ass, lol.

    if you want to know how to build a good one, message me.
  4. gravity bongs are a great way of conserving your bud, thats all i use anymore, especially while at college. not as much of a smell (atleast it seems), more efficient than most methods, easy to make out of pretty much anything, and they get you ripped.

    rather than keep pieces with me when i go somewhere and risk a para. charge if i get pulled over, i just keep a socket set with the rest of my tools in the car, grab a 4mm and theres my bowl for the GB.
  5. im trying one in a few days with some pals

    any tips/suggestions?
  6. dont spill the water

    dont swallow water while your taking the smoke in

    and make sure you get milky ass smoke..cuz if you light it wrong youll be taking in
    more lighter fluid than smoke its self.

    and have fun, it doesnt take much to get fucked up off gravs
  7. Make one out of a Sobe bottle, its nice and portable.
  8. You could make a grav, or a waterfall or even a lung. They all operate on the same concept basically. I find lungs are the most convenient, all you need to do it tape or rubber band a bread bag to the bottom of a 2-liter bottle with the bottom cut off. The next best that I found was a waterfall, just because you don't need to pull up, you just take your finger off the hole. Youtube a sobe waterfall, it'll show you how to make a nice waterfall from a sobe bottle. They're nice and durable since it's glass, and you can take it anywhere.
  9. Grav bongs are insane.

    insane in the membrane.

    I got baked off of 2 bowls of decent stuff. Not bad.
  10. it all depends what kind of weed you got.

    me personally. i havent smoked "mids" in about 2 years now.
    and ive never smoked lows.
    since we got all these top notch medical cannabis clubs everywhere in northern california.
    all i smoke is the best.

    one bowl "about a size of a nickel or dime" will have 2 people stoned off their ass in a small glass pipe.

    out of a gravity bong.... only half of that will get 2 people high.

    simply because the gravity forces all the smoke into your lungs at a fast pace and the smoke is allowed to travel more deeper into the lungs and its like sticking your head out of a car window on the freeway.

    i use giant water juggs (like the kind they keep in offices and schools)
    cut the bottom off with a knife.
    melt a socket wrench socket into the cap and glue the perimiter around it so that it is AIR TIGHT.

    and put it in a big bucket / swimming pool / bathtub / kitchen sink.

    the thing is so huge you cant even possibly clear a whole hit.

    the shit gets so milky and fat you cant hit it in 1 hit
  11. yea they def help you save weed, its just not something that u want to smoke all the time
  12. hell yeah, ive only used one 2 times but both times i was baked as fuck
  13. I love gravity bongs. They always get you fucked up, and they conserve weed really well.
  14. Not entirely sure that's right...

    Not arguing that they don't get you high for less weed, but that's not why. It's called a gravity bong because gravity is what's being used to "suck" the smoke into the chamber rather than your own lungs, not because gravity is forcing the smoke into your lungs. Just trying to clarify you on that point.

    I get twice as stoned on gravity/waterfall bongs and I don't take in the smoke any faster than a bong.

    If I were to guess why it is more efficient, I would have to say because gravity is constant, the water level is constantly dropping, so the bowl isn't lit without anything being pulled through. You don't get that waste of having burning bud without anyone pulling.
  15. What I find that pisses me off is what people mean when they say "Gravity bong"

    theres one kind, which you take a bucket, bathtup, or deep sink and a 2 liter with the bottom cut off. this is the right version. it is efficient on weed and it gets you very, very high, very, very quickly.

    theres another, overly complex method that involves filling a shape up with water, and then allowing the water to drain, rather than pulling the shape out of the water, and pulling the smoke out that way as the water drains. I never understood why someone would do that (unless they didnt have a bucket or deep sink, but it would be a long time in between hits and a lot of setup.

    Ive been trying to find a way to make a permanent bowl for a gravity bong, that i can just unscrew and take with me wherever, but im not having much luck right now, you really can get so much more stoned with so little weed with a gravity bong. its great for people who arent great as taking heavy hits. but, you have to make sure not to eat the smoke, or do too many gravity hits before your body can catch up with you, there was a guy on this board a few weeks ago who did 15 goddamn gravity bong hits and asked us why his chest was hurting

    all i could do was lol :D
  16. YES! My gf and I use one almost every day, because it's so efficient.
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    I actually prefer the waterfall bong (the second one you commented about alesto). It's really not that difficult, or more complex than the gravity bong, but yeah, it does take longer to get a hit.

    All I do is take a bottle, fill it with water, put on the portable waterfall/gravity bong bowl I made (they really aren't hard to make, I'll describe the easy one I use below), and take my knife to punch a hole in the side of the bottle. Light the bowl as the water goes down, and then wait till it fills up.

    I actually feel like I get better use out of my weed using that rather than a gravity, just because it's a steady flow, not my hands controlling the rate the smoke gets into the chamber, but the flow of the water. Just my opinion though.

    And to make the bowl. I just took a bottle cap, punched a small hole in the top, took a socket wrench... socket, and fit it snugly in the hole. Screen in the socket, presto, airtight portable gravity bowl. Fits on almost every bottle.
  18. do you use foil too to keep the weed from falling through?

    I'm trying to avoid using foil, what im trying to figure out how to make is something more professional looking. something i can take to smoking sessions without people thinking that im trying to get them to smoke out of a homemade piece.

    does the cherry burn while you're filling it up again? that's another thing i'm concerned with, with a small bowl like a socket wrench, you cant really afford to waste much bud before having to pack another.
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    I had said I use a screen, so no, no foil.

    Also, I usually only pack a bowl to a size that I think will fill the bottle and have the bowl cashed. So I don't waste anything when filling the bottle back up. I also don't usually do more than 1 waterfall at a time because it works so well.

    I have a 1/8 socket as the bowl right now, if that gives you an idea for size.
  20. If you want a permanent cap, just take the top off a 2L and screw a socket in it. That's what I did, then you can just unscrew it and take it with you. Though I ended up giving mine away when I bought my bong.

    As far as it being more efficient, efficiency is really based on the person. I'm able to pack a small bowl in my bong and take it all in one snap and get just as high and use the same amount of bud as a GB/waterfall. I would much rather be smoking out of a piece of glass than a plastic bottle.

    And you may not even need a screen in your socket. Depends on how big the hole is and how dense the bud is. I had a pretty big socket and no screen and my bud has NEVER pulled through.

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